Please join us for our Wilson House Netflix Party on April 15th from 4-6 p.m. We will be watching the incredible movie Kung Fu Panda. You will need to have both a Netflix account as well as the Netflix Party extension installed onto their Chrome browser in order to participate in the watch party.

It is a community building event and does not cost anything to attend. We are still going to use part of this event to raise money for the Wilson House charity by holding a raffle. All proceeds will go the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, with the bonus of supporting our local businesses!

To purchase raffle tickets, student accounts can be charged. You can purchase 3 raffle tickets for $5 and 7 for $10. Head of Wilson, Rutaaba, will do the draws next Friday, April 17th, and will post a video of the drawing. We will also contact the winners via email.

There are 6 raffle prizes to be won, for 6 different local restaurants. Each prize consists of a $25 gift card to that restaurant.

The establishments are:
1) La Catrina Churros
2) Davids Tea (visit a local shop near you)
3) Blue Cactus Bar and Grill
4) LOCAL Lansdowne
5) Green Door
6) Pure Kitchen

*You do not need to sign up for the Netflix Party, but you MUST sign up for the Raffle Draw.

Fill out this RAFFLE Form to participate in the prize draws!