Meet the 2022-23 Prefects

Our Senior Prefect Team is a remarkable, passionate and diverse group of student leaders who help to shape the Elmwood School community. It is a group comprised of Grade 12 students, some who have been at Elmwood since Kindergarten and some who are newer to our community. We asked them what they love most about being an Elmwood girl. Please enjoy perusing their answers. 

Head Girl: Bianca Sugunasiri

Elmwood School is like my second home. It’s been nearly fourteen years since I walked through the doors of the school for the very first time, at the ripe old age of 4. Now, at seventeen, the school is so incredibly familiar, and the community within it is one extremely dear to me. At Elmwood I have always been able to become whatever it is I wished to be. Whether it be an animal-saving veterinarian in second grade, or an aspiring author now. Here, I’ve always felt like I had the ability to accomplish whatever it was I put my mind to. There is this freedom in knowing that whatever it is I wish to learn, I can discover right here in the Elmwood building. It’s still astounding to me that my time here has nearly come to an end, however, as Head Girl I have the unbelievable opportunity to connect with my school on an amazing level. I can't wait!

Senior School Prefect: Stefanie Tadman

Elmwood is a school that allows every student to explore their many interests. Even with COVID, throughout my four years at the school I have been able to do many things including trying numerous sports, performing in three productions (including a virtual one), being a member in both arts and student council and attending conferences with people from around the world. I even had the opportunity to prepare a show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. I am so excited to further expand my leadership skills with this prefect opportunity.

Middle School Prefect: Zafreen Abdullah

What I love most about Elmwood is the supportive and enriching environment. Since I joined Elmwood in senior kindergarten, I have had the opportunity to take risks, explore my academic interests, and develop valuable leadership skills. The opportunities to travel with my peers on exciting trips such as the trip to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day was an event that I will never forget. At Elmwood, I have always had the support of my amazing teachers and peers. The strong emphasis on community and the numerous spirit events have allowed me to form lasting friendships. I look forward to a great final year at Elmwood!

Junior School Prefect: Coco Ru

My two years at Elmwood was a wonderful experience. Elmwood School has this amazing academic environment that allows students to learn effectively and reach their highest potential. Not only that, Elmwood provides many opportunities outside of class for students to develop their interests, strengths, and community service experiences. Students here are supported by every teacher and classmate. They are encouraged and inspired; led by the teachers, towards a hopeful future. As the Junior School Prefect of 2023, I look forward to working with the students and staff this year to create more lovely memories! :) 

Head of Fry: Hailey Kay

Elmwood’s close family-like community has allowed me to be balanced and grow inside and outside the classroom. First joining in senior Kindergarten, Elmwood has played a fundamental role in fostering my desire to learn and has shaped the way I think, study and pursue academics. Outside of class, I have been encouraged to join sports teams, clubs and follow leadership opportunities. Elmwood’s range of extracurriculars has allowed me to gain experiences in skills I would have never had the chance to enjoy and has developed my passion for extracurriculars that have become such an integral part of my high school experience.

Furthermore, these opportunities have led me to further leadership experiences like being a club leader, starting a new initiative, and now becoming a prefect. Throughout this journey, I have always been supported by Elmwood. Everyone in the school community is committed to the success of its students, providing an environment where girls reach their full potential.

Head of Keller: Erika Rossi

Being an Elmwood student is something I am so grateful for. The community here has always welcomed me with open arms, and I have had so many opportunities to do what I love. Elmwood has taught me to be a leader, and to follow my passions, despite anyone who tries to say otherwise. Over my 11 years here, I have learned to be a leader, to be kind to myself and others, and met some of the most amazing people I could ever hope to know. At Elmwood, there is a safe space for everyone, and the school is always learning and expanding to accommodate every individual student. I am endlessly thankful for the opportunities the school has provided for me. As this year’s Head of Keller house, I promise to raise school spirit, and more than ever after COVID, to bring back the community and fun that students and staff cherish the most. I am so excited for a spectacular year with every Elmwood student - and, of course, with the lovely Keller house!

Head of Wilson: Aimee Badge

I joined Elmwood in Grade 7, and ever since then I have considered it as a second home. Elmwood’s environment has welcomed me with open arms and has continued to feel like a safe space everyday. I have always loved and looked up to the people in this school, and throughout my time here I have made friendships that will continue to last many years. The teachers and staff have always had my best interest in mind, and have guided me to become the person I am today. Elmwood has presented me with many opportunities, some of which I didn’t even know existed, but I am truly grateful for everything I have learned. Elmwood has allowed me to grow as a person both academically and mentally and I truly feel like myself at school. I am incredibly grateful for being able to attend Elmwood and to have the opportunity to be a Prefect this year. I am really looking forward to my final year at Elmwood and can’t wait to create many more memories!

Head of Nightingale: Christina Nightingale

When I first set foot on Elmwood’s school grounds 10 years ago, I did not know exactly how much the school would shape who I am today. Elmwood fosters a unique environment of inclusion, enrichment, and growth within its tight-knit community which allows each student to reach their fullest potential. Through numerous leadership and extracurricular involvements, Elmwood has given me the opportunity to discover new interests, try new things inside and outside my comfort zone, and to become more confident growing into my skin. Elmwood has also allowed me to become more balanced, specifically through the duke of Edinburgh program, I have been able to complete hours for a variety of pillars focusing on the development of balanced life skills. Despite the impacts of COVID-19 during my silver award journey, as a group leader, I was able to facilitate a trip to complete my silver award. I am excited to put my organization and leadership skills to practice this year as the Nightingale House prefect! GO NIGHTINGALE!

Community Prefect: Yuke Zou

Elmwood creates an inclusive and supportive environment for each student and provides us with high-quality education and endless opportunities. Ever since I came here in Grade 10, I felt I belonged to this community and was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone to try new things and take on leadership roles. I’m truly reaching my full potential here at Elmwood! 

Arts Prefect: Stella-Charles Fisher

Being at Elmwood has allowed me to explore so many different aspects of myself and grow in an environment that is always rooting for me. Since grade 6, I have been presented with so many ways to get involved with everything I care about. Whether it be through arts, stem or sports, I am challenged inside and out of the classroom. Specifically within the arts, I have worked with Elmwood theatre as an actor and designer, as an arts council member, Selladore editor, and more. I look forward to taking on my new role as Arts Prefect and sharing my passion for the arts with the Elmwood community.

Sports Prefect: Sarah “Jiggy” Schonfeld

When I came to Elmwood in Grade 9, I really had no idea how amazing the next few years would be. I was so nervous on my first day, but I now realize I had no reason to be nervous. Elmwood is the most warm and welcoming community I have ever been a part of, where teachers and students support each other and want each other to succeed. The start of this school year especially has reminded me of how lucky I am to go to Elmwood; having being able to return to Camp Elmwood and to a more 'normal' school year after Covid, I have felt now more than ever the warmth, excitement and strong sense of community at the school. I've always loved being involved in Elmwood athletics - not just because I love sports, but because of the people I get to do them with. 

Student Ambassador Prefect: Leia Fraser-Robinson

What I love most about being part of the elmwood community, is how welcoming and accepting it is. Elmwood welcomes people with different personalities, interests, cultures, and backgrounds. When I first came to Elmwood I was an extremely shy person who hid at the back of the classroom afraid to even speak, but my classmates and teachers were so kind and welcoming that I gradually grew out of my shell and became more confident. I have now been given the amazing opportunity to become a prefect at Elmwood and help other students who like me may be nervous or shy when entering a new school.