Meet the Prefects

Our Senior Prefect Team is a remarkable, passionate and diverse group of student leaders who help to shape the Elmwood School community. It is a group comprised of Grade 12 students, some who have been at Elmwood since Kindergarten and some who are newer to our community. We asked them what they love most about being an Elmwood girl. Please enjoy perusing their answers. 

Head Girl: Sophia Moloo

Elmwood teaches students to optimize for their curiosity. By encouraging everyone to pursue different arts, sports and clubs, individuals are able to walk away with a range of diverse experiences, skills, and most importantly a greater understanding of self. Elmwood has allowed me to find the activities and subjects that I feel genuinely excited to learn about and bring me joy!

Head of Nightingale: Serena Chen

Looking back at the past five years, I feel thankful and extremely lucky to have the chance to walk through the doors of Elmwood every day. As a student at Elmwood, I have had so many unique opportunities to develop my interpersonal skills and academic knowledge. Even though I first came to Elmwood in the middle of seventh grade, as I enter my sixth year, I am still just as excited for the school year, and to have new students join this remarkable community of staff and students.

Head of Keller: Wendy Yuan

At Elmwood, we celebrate diversity and allow for everyone to thrive in a community where they feel comfortable expressing themselves. Every day at Elmwood, I can confidently say that the positive and supportive environment has helped my growth to reach my full potential. As a school, the focus is not only on academics but sports, activities, and leadership. Taking these opportunities provided by Elmwood has helped me learn more about myself and grow as a leader. I am very grateful for the support, lessons, and unforgettable memories from the community I will take with me after graduation. The support from Elmwood has prepared me for this new leadership position as Head of Keller for the school year of 2021/2022. GO KELLER!

Community Prefect: Avery Parkinson

What I love most about Elmwood are the possibilities to grow as a learner outside the classroom. From opportunities to participate in academic, arts focused or athletic activities, students are not only able to build skills and passions that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives but are brought closer to their peers, forming our tightly knit community.

Senior School Prefect: Madighan Ryan

My favourite thing about being a student at Elmwood is the community I have been able to build up around myself here. My friends are made up of students who have been here for 10 years, or just for one, my teachers uplift and support me unequivocally, and through leadership of various clubs I have developed connections with younger students: everyone wants me to succeed and I care about the success of others. I think it is unbelievably unique to have a chorus of people who are all rooting for you at all times.

Middle School Prefect: Emily Sinclair

The thing that I have always loved most about being a student at Elmwood is the constant sense of support and belonging that I feel as a member of this tightly-knit community. This school has become a second home to me where I always feel encouraged to take risks and become the best version of myself, and for this I am forever grateful! Elmwood truly is an exceptional environment to grow in- both academically and personally.

Junior School Prefect: Grace Kremmel

When I joined Elmwood in Grade 4 I was welcomed with open arms and instantly felt a part of this warm and welcoming community. Elmwood is a place where everyone is there to support you. As a student at Elmwood for the past 9 years I have had the privilege of being a part of this community. I constantly have the support of my teachers in all my endeavours and their help whenever I ask. As a part of this close knit community I have also had the opportunity to get to know students from other grades which has lasted in everlasting friendships and unforgettable memories. 

Head of Fry: Angelika Boehm

After coming to Elmwood in Grade 4 I had no idea what to expect. Nine years later, I have come to realize how unique all the of the once-in-a-lifetime-opportunites are. From performing over seas in Scotland, to studying ecosystems in the rainforest in Costa Rica, I am forever grateful for the amount of opportunities I have received. Through these experiences and many others, I have been encouraged to take risks in a supportive environment. 

Head of Wilson: Rowan Burke

I cannot begin to describe how much this school has come to mean to me. When I joined Elmwood in Grade 9 I was terrified, and as I enter my last year of high school I couldn't be more comfortable. Elmwood has become my second home and my friends have become family. I’ve been supported every step of the way through my high school experience, by the incredible teachers and staff. The sense of community at Elmwood is something I’m eternally grateful to have found. GO WILSON!!!

Arts Prefect: Zahra Robertson

As an Elmwood student, I have access to a supportive community and the opportunity to form relationships, in which growth and respect are valued, with both staff and students.

The high standard that my peers hold themselves to academically, socially and in extracurricular activities also motivates me to strive for excellence in each of these facets of my life.

Sports Prefect: Marissa Wu

Over my long time at Elmwood starting in Grade 1, I can say that Elmwood has definitely been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. Some of my favorite parts of Elmwood is its uniqueness because of its constant warm community, always giving new opportunities, and its everlasting support and encouragement. Elmwood athletics is definitely one of my favorite things at Elmwood thanks to the special connections that are made between teammates. Elmwood has also allowed me to excel in my found passions through its great support with the teachers and coaches, which makes Elmwood such a great community.

Student Ambassador Prefect: Madeleine Forcese

What I love most about being a student at Elmwood is its culture of acceptance. Elmwood celebrates every person for who they are and what they have to offer. When I first came to Elmwood, I hid at the back of the room afraid to voice my opinions and ideas. Over time however, at Elmwood, I felt like I could be seen. I am challenged to surpass my comfort zone and expectations, and am encouraged to do so. I have even been given the incredible opportunity to be a student leader so that I can help other girls like me, who also find themselves silent and at the back of the classroom.