Lead Like A Girl 2020 Workshops

The theme of this year’s online Lead Like a Girl Conference is "Environmental Sustainability and Consciousness". The conference will focus on enhancing leadership in sustainable practices and exploring leadership roles in related fields. Our goal through incorporating this particular theme is to provide the students with a specialized set of leadership skills and inspire initiatives to better equip girls to become agents of change in their own communities.

Workshop One: Leading in Sustainable Arts

Leadership Outcome:
Be a leader on a medium scale- within your community! By collecting old clothing and repurposing it, you can make a positive impact within your community regarding waste production. One aspect of being a leader can be to change the thinking and actions of others.

Workshop Two: Leading in Sustainable Farming

Leadership Outcome:
Be a leader on a small scale- within your family! Planting a garden and choosing foods that are local and sustainably produced can influence others to do the same. One aspect of being a leader is to inspire others.

Workshop Three: Leading in Sustainable Actions

Leadership Outcome:
Be a leader on a large scale- within your country! Write to your Member of Parliament with your action plan about how Canada can achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. One aspect of being a leader is having the courage to stand up, and think creatively to solve problems.


If you require assistance while sharing your work, please contact communications@elmwood.ca