Global Engagement

Round Square Participants - Beijing Great Wall

Through our ongoing commitment to service, environmentalism, and international mindedness, our girls are encouraged to grow into conscientious and well-rounded global citizens, ready to take on the world in whatever way they see fit.  

As a proud member of Round Square, we join 200 like-minded schools in 50 countries around the world bringing students together for world-class experiences and programmes to develop global competence, character and confidence. Through Round Square, students have the opportunity to participate in worldwide exchanges, global conferences and international service initiatives.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award programme has long been part of Elmwood's global engagement strategy and we continue to have one of the highest percentages of participation in Canada. As the world's leading youth achievement award, the Duke of Edinburgh programme offers youth opportunities to develop leadership skills, improve physical fitness, participate in community service and experience adventure.   The programme has three levels that are progressively more challenging as girls mature.  Each level is built around four pillars: community service, skill building, physical recreation and adventurous journey.  The Duke of Ed dogsledding trip is an annual highlight for Elmwood girls.

Duke of Edinburgh Award - Elmwood Students meeting Prince Harry