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What we eat has a profound effect on our mood, behaviour, health, growth and even our ability to concentrate. It’s not surprising that research has shown that healthy, balanced meals improve students’ concentration, attention, energy levels and academic performance. We kept this top-of-mind when developing our food service program at Elmwood.

Our experienced and creative Bistro staff have a range of menus planned that are delicious, healthy, and all made from scratch. Many of our ingredients are supplied by local farmers and our own organic garden. In addition to hot meals, the Bistro also offers a variety of freshly prepared snacks and à la carte items, with gluten free and vegetarian options available every day.

The Junior School Meal Plan includes a main meal and drink as well as morning and afternoon healthy snacks. The Middle and Senior School Meal Plan has slightly larger portions and includes a choice of main meal, a salad, a drink  and a choice of dessert. 

The Bistro is supplied by many local producers, including: O’Brien Beef Farm, Suntech Tomato Farm, Mariposa Farms, Le Coprin Mushroom Farm, Jambican Farm, Beking Eggs, The Whalesbone Sustainable Fish and Hall’s Apple Orchard.

Participating in the Bistro Program in 2020/21

The Bistro staff, in cooperation with the Health and Safety Committee, have worked hard to develop a Bistro Program that will offer healthy and delicious food to students and convenience to families while still ensuring adherence to the current public health requirements and guidelines.  

Starting after the Thanksgiving weekend, the Bistro will offer the following meal plan options:

Meal Plan (to June 14, 2021): $1265 
Relax knowing that your daughter is getting a healthy lunch all year long. Every day your daughter will have a choice of main meal, a salad, a drink (100% fruit juice or milk) and a dessert (fruit or once-a-week baked treat), plus morning and afternoon snacks on the Junior School Meal Plan.

Quarterly Plan (to December 17, 2020) : $400
Your daughter will enjoy the same meal plan as the full meal plan: choice of main meal, a salad, a drink (100% fruit juice or milk) and a dessert (fruit or once-a-week baked treat), plus snacks on the Junior School Meal Plan.  After the December Break, you will have the option to join the full meal plan for the rest of the year, if you wish, for $880.

Click on the links below to see sample menus:

Junior School Bistro Menu
Middle Senior School Bistro Menu

Please note, we will not be accepting swipe card, or à la carte, purchases for the first part of the school year.  We hope to be able to safely re-introduce those options as soon as possible and will keep you posted of developments.  

Please complete the form below for each student who will participate in the Bistro Program 2020-21.  We do require the form below to be completed for all 2020-21 participants– even if you signed up for last year and would like to retain the same plan.  


Elmwood Bistro Program 2020-21

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