Elmwood Bistro

Bistro ingredients - healthy eating

What we eat has a profound effect on our mood, behaviour, health, growth and even our ability to concentrate. It’s not surprising that research has shown that healthy, balanced meals improve students’ concentration, attention, energy levels and academic performance. We kept this top-of-mind when developing our food service program at Elmwood.

Our experienced and creative Bistro staff have a range of menus planned that are delicious, healthy, and all made from scratch. Many of our ingredients are supplied by local farmers and our own organic garden. In addition to hot meals, the Bistro also offers a variety of freshly prepared snacks and à la carte items, with gluten free and vegetarian options available every day.

The Junior School Meal Plan includes a main meal and drink (choice of 100% fruit juice or milk) as well as morning and afternoon healthy snacks. The Middle and Senior School Meal Plan has slightly larger portions and includes a main meal with salad, drink (100% fruit juice or milk) and dessert (choice of fruit or once-a-week baked treat). Daily soup and salad is also an option if the main meal does not suit your daughter’s taste.

The Bistro is supplied by many local producers, including: O’Brien Beef Farm, Suntech Tomato Farm, Mariposa Farms, Le Coprin Mushroom Farm, Jambican Farm, Beking Eggs, The Whalesbone Sustainable Fish and Hall’s Apple Orchard.

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