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Signature Experiences

Early Years Spring Tea

Every year we invite our Early Years parents to a special tea in their honour. The students present their parents with a gift, sing some songs for them, and then spend some time having tea and treats.

Camp Elmwood

Every September all of our Middle and Senior School students and faculty head to camp, for a three-day retreat. It is an opportunity to develop leadership and mentoring skills, build friendships and welcome new students into the school.


Instead of a cap and gown for graduation, our Grade 12 students wear a white dress to the graduation ceremony and the entire class poses for a photograph on the main hall staircase. Graduates and their families are also invited to a Graduation Dinner and Garden Party.

Holiday Concerts

Every December, students take the stage and perform in our Junior and Middles School Holiday Concerts. It is an opportunity for our girls to showcase their talents and build confidence and resilience.

VIP and Me Ball

This formal event takes place in February and gives Elmwood parents and their children in Grades 6 – 12 an opportunity to socialize with each other and celebrate these special bonds.

Graduating Year

The final year at Elmwood is full of special activities. At the 100 Nights Dinner, 100 nights before graduation, girls share a meal with their teachers. On Graduate Appreciation Day, the girls are presented with rings and are toasted by younger students at the Rose Ceremony. 

Junior School Musicals

Our SK and Grade 1, Grade 2 and 3, and Grade 4 and 5 girls stage musicals each year. Students learn their lines, songs and dances, and develop the confidence to perform for a full house.

PYP Exhibition

In the final year of the IB Primary Years Programme, Grade 5 students conduct an extended, in-depth inquiry into real life issues or problems. This culminates in an exhibition of their findings, where they present their research to the

MYP Personal Project

The MYP Personal Project is a significant piece of work that is the product of the student’s own initiative and creativity. Students choose their project and take the process through to completion