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Imagination, innovation and invention are critical 21st century skills, acquired through the study of one or more of our rigorous visual and performing arts programs. The three disciplines—music, theatre, and visual art—provide students with the opportunity to master their aesthetic and performance techniques, while developing confidence in their personal expression and problem-solving skills. An appreciation of the historical context of the arts is a key component, as is theory, design, creation, and composition. Our arts courses parallel contemporary ideas and thinking, and prepare our students for further study. Many of our arts graduates pursue artistic majors—including Theatre, Costume Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Fine Art, and Music—at distinguished universities all over North America.

Through Elmwood's robust visual arts program students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of techniques and mediums from the sketching of live models to pottery to textiles.




In Elmwood's music program, students play a variety of instruments and have the opportunity to participate in a host of ensembles, concerts and performance.  Each year, students also participate in music competitions including Musicfest Canada “The Nationals” and the Kiwanis Music Festival.




With musical and theatrical performance in every grade students enjoy the opportunity to hone their stage skills.  Senior School students also actively participate in the CAPPIES program and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Visual and Performing Arts students may experience the arts through one or more of the following:

•    The Middle Years and International Baccalaureate Arts Program
•    Elmwood Theatre stage production
•    Middle School stage production
•    Junior School musical productions
•    Local, national and international festivals
•    International trips in order to experience the arts through other milieus and in other settings
•    Winter and spring music concerts
•    Small and large music ensembles
•    Music competitions including Musicfest Canada “The Nationals” and the Kiwanis Music Festival
•    Vernissage and art exhibitions featured at Ottawa art galleries and museums
•    Middle and Senior School Arts Council
•    Guest artists in the School

The arts at Elmwood are taught both within and beyond a traditional studio setting, including co-curricular clubs, activities, exhibitions, field trips, workshops, and festivals. The three disciplines are enhanced by opportunities for students to attend live performances, concerts, and exhibits at professional theatres, festivals, and galleries, as well as to participate in workshops provided by visiting guest artists. Every student of the arts is invited, if they so choose, to further practice their craftsmanship by partaking in hands-on performance and presentational experiences such as the mounting of a main-stage theatre production; performances through small musical ensembles and concert band; or, the development of visual art pieces for exhibition at local galleries and museums. Through these enriching opportunities, in which the standard of excellence is set very high, students gain confidence in their ability to reimagine their world through different lenses, while also building a life-long passion for the arts. All artistic disciplines are taught by a trained subject specialist.

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