At Elmwood, we encourage and challenge our students to strive for academic excellence and inspire them to develop a life-long love of learning. We know that this strong foundation of knowledge and skills is crucial for success in the 21st century.

Our outstanding faculty draws on best practices in girls’ education as they challenge students to be principled, knowledgeable, and reflective life-long learners. From kindergarten to graduation day, Elmwood students benefit from innovative teaching techniques and a program of study that is student-directed, inquiry-based, rigorous, relevant and specifically designed to prepare students for life and work beyond the classroom.

Early Years

The Early Years Program at Elmwood provides young girls with a head start they won’t experience elsewhere. Our nurturing environment encourages our youngest students to feel secure and helps them start to build their independence. We balance a rich, academic environment with creative and purposeful play, helping students construct a solid base of knowledge of the world around them. A skilled, dedicated teacher who is an expert in early childhood education and inquiry-based learning leads each classroom. In our purpose-built Junior School, the Kindergarten classrooms are designed to meet the needs of our youngest students. Through experiential and imaginative play, Elmwood students engage in early literacy activities and tackle mathematical problems using a variety of strategies, helping them establish a strong foundation for their future studies.

We see parents as key partners and encourage parental involvement. Report cards, newsletters and regular home/school communication keeps parents informed of their daughter’s progress and provide helpful tools for supporting the learning process at home.

Junior School

Kindergarten students constantly ask amazing questions based on their natural curiosity about the world. Our goal in the Junior School is to sustain this highly engaged stance throughout the elementary years, developing the whole child as an inquirer, both within the classroom and the outside world. Our curriculum is based upon research and best practice, and is a relevant, engaging and challenging educational framework for all students. Throughout the Junior School, our students demonstrate curiosity and passion for learning.

The IB Primary Years Programme curriculum framework is guided by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance, and incorporates five essential elements: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitude, and action. During the course of the year, each grade level explores six in-depth, integrated Units of Inquiry that relate to each of the transdisciplinary themes.

Through an inquiry process, students gain essential knowledge and skills from a variety of different subject areas by exploring globally relevant concepts, and by engaging in appropriate action, thus allowing them to be involved in their learning. Our skillful teachers start each unit from the student’s own experience and understanding, and following a constructivist approach, build and develop further knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

The transdisciplinary nature of the programme enables students to learn the skills, explore the knowledge and develop conceptual understanding within a relevant and authentic context. Teachers strive to create and maintain classroom climates that are inclusive, foster the development of positive attitudes and international-mindedness.

The early years are a critical period of development where academic, physical and social foundations are established. Elmwood’s Junior School provides a unique environment where your daughter will experience the best possible start to her school years. Our School is a happy, energetic place where students feel secure and comfortable in taking risks to develop their potential. We provide a broad range of opportunities for girls to discover and extend their interests and passions. When you start something at a young age, there’s no telling where it can lead you.

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Middle School

In the Middle School, our goal is to nurture in our students a life-long sense of curiosity and a joy towards learning. We offer a rich and engaging academic program where collaboration, creativity and critical thinking are central. Our IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the PYP and prepares students for the challenges of the Diploma Programme.

Within the MYP, we aim to provide our students with an inspiring and supportive environment where courage, creativity and character are celebrated. Through our 1:1 iPad programme, we support the broad use of technology to help students develop academic skills, augment the curriculum, motivate learning, and prepare students for future life experiences in our technologically-based world.

This is an exciting time for girls—they go from being children to becoming adolescents who develop their own sense of themselves and the world around them. We believe that engaging students in activities outside of academic work builds leadership skills, character and self-esteem. And of course, the girls have fun and create life-long friendships!

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Senior School

While Junior and Middle School are about building a strong academic foundation, Senior School is all about preparing our students to enter university. Our students benefit from an educational environment which stresses higher-level critical thinking, inquiry and research skills, allowing them to develop a broad basis of knowledge and abilities while gaining an in-depth understanding of subjects of most interest to them. This rigorous academic program, along with strong co-curriculars and leadership opportunities helps Elmwood girls gain acceptance to the university of their choice, often with generous entrance scholarships.

All Senior School students complete the Middle Years Programme at the end of Grade 10. Students may then choose to go on to earn the IB Diploma, internationally recognized by post-secondary institutions. Many universities actively seek out full IB Diploma students in their recruitment strategies, offering incentives such as early acceptance, scholarships and credit for first year courses. Alternatively, some students may choose from a wide array of IB Certificate courses in subjects that are of particular interest to them. In addition, all Elmwood students graduate with the Ministry of Education diploma (OSSD) as our curriculum in the Senior School also fulfils the Ontario Ministry of Education graduation requirements.


Elmwood graduates leave our school with the skills, work ethic, and knowledge they need to chart their own course in the world.

Senior School is a time when students start thinking about university and their options after Elmwood. While striving for academic excellence during this period of time is important, being involved in activities outside of the classroom can also have an impact on university acceptance and potential scholarships. Additionally, taking advantage of all that Elmwood has to offer helps girls develop into well-rounded young women, which will benefit them long beyond their post-secondary education.

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University Counselling

At Elmwood, our formal college counselling program begins during a student’s Grade 11 year. However, starting in Grade 9, students are encouraged to understand the university admissions process and to set appropriate goals for themselves as they consider college applications.

All Grade 11 and 12 students are also invited to attend presentations by visiting university representatives so they can become better acquainted with the programs available to them. Each year, Elmwood hosts over 30 different post secondary institutions for info sessions.

In Grade 12 students work closely with Mrs. Donna Naufal Moffatt, Elmwood’s Director of Academic Counselling, to complete their applications and meet all deadlines throughout the application process.