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Written by Middle/Senior Deputy Head, Meagan Enticknap

The start of the school year is such an exciting and pivotal moment for students, families, and teachers alike. New learning, new friendships, new opportunities, and so much promise ahead. 

At Elmwood, we believe in the importance of starting things right, and when we considered what this really meant to us, we conceptualized “Camp Elmwood”. This was over 10 years ago and today the tradition of Camp Elmwood is as strong and important as ever…if not even more. Going away to camp for three days gives all of us the chance to achieve so many things that align with our philosophy and beliefs about education. These include: making meaningful connections with students and staff, learning new things, trying something outside our comfort zone and taking risks in a safe environment, creating lasting memories, spending time in nature, building independence, and having fun!

People often ask why we go away to camp so early in the school year. We have found that having this immersive experience at the beginning of the year sets the scene for what is to come as lasting friendships and bonds are created, learning skills are established and a community of learners begins to develop. It is an opportunity for students to learn about themselves, their world, and each other as they live in cabins together with leadership from our Grade 12 students and their teachers. Doing everything from canoeing, to campfire skits, to arts and crafts, to hiking, to taking a polar bear dip on a chilly September morning are all part of being at Camp Elmwood. 

We are so excited to be able to return to Camp this year and look forward to sharing stories and photos with the whole community! Please reach out to me if you have any questions.