Author: Alyson Bartlett, Director of University Counselling

Zahra Robertson, Class of 2022, is to be congratulated on her huge accomplishments this year! 

An Ontario Scholar and an IB Certificate student, Zahra is the recipient of Elmwood’s Grade 12 Overall Academic Excellence Award for the highest average across all Grade 12 courses. 

In addition to this, Zahra is the recipient of the Governor General's Academic Medal award. This medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduation from their secondary school. The average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses as listed on the student’s official transcript.  
Zahra joined Elmwood in Grade 4. This year, Zahra was the Arts Prefect. In her role, she encouraged and fostered the arts in the school. Always caring and compassionate,  Zahra made a concerted effort to understand the needs of all students during and after the stressful time of online learning during the pandemic. She put her heart and soul into trying to reconnect and bring the community together again. Some highlights include Building a live Plant wall, Online Coffee House,  Yarn Bombing the School, Online Improv Games, In-school Penpals, Dance Fridays with music Zahra DJ'd, Open Art Studio lunch periods to support mental health, and a Humans of Elmwood photo wall. With her leadership, the Arts Council worked hard to liberate the girls from the frustrations of their situation and brought some joy through the engagement of these heartfelt activities. The generosity and kindness that Zahra showed to all students were truly touching.

Well respected by her teachers and peers, Zahra is an exemplary student and a powerful artist. During her time at Elmwood, Zahra dedicated a great deal of her time and energy to becoming a well-rounded student who excelled in the sciences, music, literature, visual art and theatre. Her generous spirit and kindness towards others, as well as her passion and desire to learn and create, have been pillars of her education. Art teacher Ms. Chun shared that Zahra is one of the most intellectually accomplished, disciplined, and creative students she has had the pleasure of teaching over her 30-year career. 

Zahra will most certainly excel in her future endeavours at The University of Toronto, where she will pursue a degree in Architectural Studies.