This week, the entire community was a-buzz with new student orientation on September 7 and all students back on campus on September 8.  
Week 1 in the Junior School: 

Elementary school years should be a magical time in a student’s life. The Junior School is a unique experience that stays with our students as they move through the school. 

New students joined us for the morning orientation and quickly settled in.  Our Early Years students had a tranquil time in their classrooms while Grades 1 to 5 had a scavenger hunt to become familiar with our beautiful building. There have been some lovely declarations from our new girls about how much they love the school already.

Everyone arrived on Wednesday, and even the rainy morning could not dim the smiles of parents and children as the community came back together in person. Time was spent through the day on thoughtful introductory activities designed to set the tone for the school year and get to know each other. 

Week 1 in the Middle and Senior School: 

It was an exciting first day on Wednesday as students followed a modified timetable that allowed them to see all of their teachers and learning spaces. Reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones made the day all the more fun. The reintroduction of lockers was a welcome relief, and students took time to settle into their locker - parents may have been inundated with requests for ‘locker supplies’ after the first day! We held a virtual assembly that students joined from their HRs and heard announcements from our new Prefect team and Head Girl, Sophia Moloo. New students found out what houses they are in and also received their house pins - a very coveted item to wear on the school uniform! Having our students back is such a joy and we are looking forward to building on the energy of our first week together!

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