In this week's assembly, we had the pleasure of welcoming our Grade 5 students to come and speak about all the amazing events and initiatives happening in the Junior School.  While Junior School Students are an integral part of the Elmwood community, students in the Middle and Senior Schools often don't have the opportunity to learn about the day-to-day activities of our smallest students.

Students in the kinder classes have been working on their building skills, constructing bridges, walls, and structures using Solo cups and wooden blocks. These activities will strengthen their problem solving and fine motor skills, while also being incredibly entertaining for kids! We're excited to see what these students build in the future!

Students in Senior Kindergarten and Grade 1 recently performed their musical rendition of the classic Three Little Pigs story, wowing the audience with their beautiful voices and well-executed choreography. With the guidance of Ms. Pike, students put on a performance that they and their family will remember for years to come. We are so proud of our SK and Grade 1 students for their hard work and dedication over the past few months, all of which paid off tremendously. 

Grade 2 took the month to travel around the world. Students were asked to create travel guides and compare how life in other countries differs from our own. While learning about each new place, students each received a stamp on their handmade "passport" to commemorate this journey. 

Grade 3 students flexed their politics muscles this month by participating in a Mock City Council, participating in research and debates about the best use of space in their pretend-city. Students learned about cooperation, planning, and negotiation by working together to best allocate their city's space and resources. 

Grade 4 worked with Senior School members of the Climate Crew to plant seeds in the late winter. This month, these seeds will (hopefully) sprout and we will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour in the Elmwood Garden.

Lastly, students in Grade 5 have been working on developing their French language skills by adapting a story. As a class, they have been working on adding an additional chapter to the story, as well as designing visuals to complement their work. Grade 5 students said that this project "has been a very big project but well worth it parce que notre Français est incroyable!"  

Thank you to the Grade 5 students who presented and to Junior School Prefect, Camilla Thomson, and Deputy Head of the Junior School, Ms. Christine Blackadar, for organizing this. We can't wait to hear more about the amazing developments in the Junior School!