by Rowan & Maddie, Grade 11 Students

The Selladore, Elmwood’s student-led arts magazine, was created with the intention of giving students a space for creative expression and a platform for the articulation of individual voices. Through The Selladore, we aim to recognize that within every student lies a unique narrative that deserves to be highlighted and celebrated.

Beyond just being a publication, the Selladore serves as a time capsule, capturing the artistic expression of our student body for years to come. The first issue, entitled “Light Show”, was built around the motif of “lights”. We chose this theme as a symbol of renewal, transition, and new beginnings as we start a new school year and begin the 2023-2024 edition. Within these pages, you will find music, photography, digital art, poetry, improv, and more, all created by students who have passionately contributed their unique ideas to showcase the diverse talents within our school.

Thank you to our brilliant contributors for sharing their light, and, to the readers, we hope this issue provides an illuminating journey through the artistry that defines us as a vibrant community. Happy reading and stay tuned for the next issue!

Click here to read "Light Show".