by Andrea Thomson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations 

On October 20th, we launched the Elmwood Fund, our annual giving campaign. The Elmwood Fund is a visionary fund that helps the school achieve strategic initiatives that are not covered by the cost of tuition. 

In the past the Elmwood Fund has supported projects like the renovation of the Chemistry Lab, outdoor campus improvements and Junior School Dining Hall. The Elmwood Fund has provided the necessary resources to offer financial assistance to more exceptional students who might not be able to afford tuition, and it has enabled us to offer specialized mental health programming for students of all ages. 

This year the Fund will support two priority projects:

  • Creation of a Learning Commons – where Student Success, University Guidance and Library Learning will come together in one amazing space where the continuum of learning can thrive for students Pre-K to grade 12.

  • Increasing our Bursary and Merit-based Scholarship Program – so that more deserving students can attend Elmwood regardless of their economic situation.

Why Should I Give?

  • Filling the Gap – tuition funds our mission of educating students, while philanthropy supports strategic projects that enhance our spaces, and help us make the Elmwood experience extraordinary for students of all ages and economic backgrounds; 

  • Impact – you are making a direct impact on today’s students Pre-K to 12 who will benefit as well as future students;

  • Culture of Philanthropy – by donating you are continuing and growing the culture of philanthropy that is the foundation of Elmwood as demonstrated by our founding families and generations of families thereafter.

How Much Should I Give?

  • Your Choice – even the smallest gift makes a big difference! Most families give at a level appropriate to their abilities. In 2022, the smallest gift was $20 and the largest $20,000. 

  • Participation is Key – our goal is to have all our families give! 

When Should I Give?

  • TODAY! Give today and receive a tax receipt for the 2023 income tax year.

  • The 2023-24 Elmwood Fund runs the entire school year, until June 30, 2024. 

What are the Benefits of Giving?

  • Charitable Receipt – ever donor will receive a charitable receipt in the full amount of their gift;

  • Recognition – Families will receive recognition in published donor lists;

  • Elmwood Elm – You will receive a leaf on the Elmwood Giving Tree with your family name.

How Do I Give? 

  • Online by Credit Card – click here to give by credit card; 

  • Pledge – via MyBackpack by clicking “Pledges and Payments” under “Donations”;

  • Cheque – made out to “Elmwood School” with “2023-24 Elmwood Fund” in the memo and delivered in a seal envelope to the attention of Andrea Thomson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations;

  • Cash – handed directly to Andrea Thomson in a sealed envelope.

Who Should I Ask with Questions?

Andrea Thomson – reach out to Andrea Thomson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations at  or 613-749-6761 ext 260 anytime.