Each summer, Elmwood offers a selection of popular summer credit courses available to current and incoming students. These courses are taught by Elmwood teachers and designed for optimal learning. Taking summer school courses offers students a vast range of benefits that can significantly impact their academic and personal development. Here are some key advantages:

Academic Advancement: Summer school provides an opportunity for students to get ahead in their studies. Courses taken in the summer can allow room during the regular school year schedule for electives or time to pursue interests outside of school, including sports, volunteer work and part-time employment.  

Grade Improvement: students often experience greater academic success in summer school because of the small class size and the opportunity to focus on one subject at a time.

Transition Support: For students moving from middle to high school, summer credit courses can offer valuable transition support, helping them adjust to a new academic environment and expectations.

Small Class Sizes: Summer courses allow students to focus on a singular subject for a long time, leading to greater mastery of content and skills. The summer format also allows teachers to teach content with even more creativity like field trips, hands-on activities, and guest speakers

Increased Engagement: Without the distractions of a full course load and extracurricular activities, students can focus more intensely on their summer studies, potentially leading to higher engagement, better retention of material, and strong academic performance.

Post-Secondary Preparation: Participating in summer credit courses can demonstrate a student's commitment to learning and their ability to manage a rigorous academic schedule, qualities that are attractive to universities.

By taking advantage of summer school courses, students can not only bolster their academic records but also enhance their personal growth and readiness for future educational opportunities. You can learn more about Elmwood's Summer Credit Courses here.