Summer vacation is the perfect time for relaxation, rejuvenation, and reconnecting with family. We encourage our students and their families to prioritize fun and quality time together. For those concerned about the 'Summer Slide,' here are some engaging activities and tools to keep the learning momentum going while having fun.


Motivate your child to read: 

  • TD Summer Reading Club: Join this nationwide reading program designed to keep kids excited about reading throughout the summer. Activities, book recommendations, and reading challenges are available. Join Here
  • Ottawa Public Library Reading Activities: Participate in reading clubs, events, and activities organized by the local library. These programs are excellent for maintaining literacy skills while enjoying new books. Explore Here

Literacy and word building games: 

  • WORDLE: A daily word puzzle that can now be enjoyed as a board game, challenging players to guess the correct word.
  • Boggle, Bananagrams, Scrabble: These classic games are perfect for building vocabulary and spelling skills in a fun and competitive way.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe with a Twist: Instead of X’s and O’s, use a vowel in the middle square and see how many CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) pattern words you can create.

Writing activities: 

  • Summer Pen-Pals: Encourage your child to write letters to classmates, family, and friends. This keeps writing skills sharp and fosters personal connections.
  • Grocery Lists and Menus: Involve children in everyday tasks by having them help write grocery lists, dinner menus, or to-do lists. This practical writing practice is both fun and useful.


Card games for math skills: 

  • Game of War: Split a deck in half. As you flip over cards, whoever can add, subtract, or multiply the quickest wins the cards. The player with the most cards at the end wins.
  • Black Jack: Try to make 21 without going over. This game is great for practicing addition and strategic thinking.
  • Cribbage: A traditional game that involves counting and strategy, making it perfect for practicing addition up to 31 and 15.
  • 99: Another counting game where players add or subtract to reach 99, enhancing mental math skills.

Math-related games: 

  • Mathable: Similar to Scrabble but for creating math equations, this game helps reinforce arithmetic skills.
  • Yahtzee: A classic dice game that involves counting and probability, making it a fun way to practice math.


Enhance strategic thinking with these games: 

  • Sequence: Combines card games and board games to develop strategic planning.
  • Chess: Purchase a set with the moves of the pieces printed on them to help beginners learn. Chess enhances problem-solving and planning skills.
  • Catan: A resource management game that teaches strategy and negotiation.
  • Ticket to Ride (Children's Version): A fun game that also includes elements of North American geography.
  • Labyrinth: A maze game that promotes problem-solving and logical thinking.


Strengthen spatial reasoning with these activities: 

  • Tangram Games: Puzzles that involve arranging shapes to match a specific design.
  • Castle Logix: A 3D puzzle game that challenges children to build castles using provided pieces.
  • Blokus: A strategy game that involves placing pieces on a board to block opponents.
  • Perfection, Puzzles, Lego: Classic activities that encourage building and tinkering, enhancing visual-spatial skills.

Learning fractions: 

  • Cooking and Baking: Involve your children in cooking and baking, where they can practice measuring ingredients and understanding fractions.


Visual memory games: 

  • Spot It, Zingo, Memory Games: These games improve visual memory and recognition skills, providing fun challenges for children.

French activities: 

  • Zingo in French: Practice language skills with this fun, bilingual version of the popular game.


Combine outdoor fun with learning using these apps: 

  • Bird Identification: Merlin Bird ID helps kids identify birds by appearance and song, fostering an interest in nature.
  • Plant Identification: PlantNet allows children to learn about different plants and their characteristics.
  • Rock Identification: Rock Identifier helps kids identify various rocks and minerals, making outdoor explorations educational.

Enjoy a summer filled with fun, learning, and family time!