Congratulations to Naila Moloo on her recent feature in Maclean’s magazine for her work in both the science and technology and literary spaces!

Naila’s feature highlights her many accomplishments, such as the work she is doing to curb climate change through innovation. Naila has been working on several projects that help to combat this growing problem, such as small, flexible, and portable solar panels that still maintain efficiency. Her work with Denmark-based company Pond BioMaterials is also mentioned - another project she is undertaking to combat climate change - wherein she is developing a type of bioplastic using an aquatic plant called duckweed. She came up with this visionary idea when she realized that duckweed doubles its biomass in 24 hours, making it significantly more efficient and renewable than the traditional plastics, which are made of non-renewable fossil fuels. She continues to work with Pond on the further development of her bioplastic remotely from a lab at Carleton University.

While her scientific accomplishments are quite impressive, the article does not fail to mention her literary accomplishments as well. At the age of 16, Naila is already a published novelist with two books on the market, books one and two of the “Chronicles of Illusions” series.

When she isn’t busy being an author and inventor, she is an enthusiastic and important part of the Elmwood community, exemplifying leadership not only academically, but also socially. Apart from her academic achievements here at Elmwood and outside of school, she also plays an important role as a member of multiple Senior School athletics teams, a participant in the Robotics club, co-founder and leader of the Model UN club, and a Duke of Edinburgh candidate.

Congratulations again to Naila on all her amazing accomplishments and her feature in Maclean’s magazine, which can be read here.