Whether you will be at home or at school for the solar eclipse event on Monday, April 8, below are just some of the resources we have been using, or will be using, to make the most of this historic educational opportunity.

Livestream: Eclipse 2024– Chasing the Shadow from Niagara to Newfoundland
This livestream will follow the total solar eclipse from where it enters and leaves Canada (2-4 p.m.).  Hosted by the Dunlap Institute from Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto.

Kids Book Read Aloud: A Few Beautiful Minutes by Kate Allen Fox
A beautifully illustrated story of the experience of the fleeting magic of the solar eclipse, read aloud by retired teacher Jennifer Eubanks.

NASA Citizen Science Initiatives
Step into the shoes of a scientist and join hands with NASA on their groundbreaking research initiatives centred around the April 8 solar eclipse. From 'Quick Start' projects that require no prior knowledge or special equipment to more involved ones, there are ample opportunities to contribute to answering crucial research questions and deepening our understanding of natural phenomena.

The Total Solar Eclipse Explained
This video presentation by Michael Watson, Fellow, Director and President of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, will tell you everything you need to know about next week’s solar eclipse: what is happening, what to look for and why we are all so fascinated!

If you have any questions, or resources to add, please contact Elmwood Communications.