By Katherine Al, Marketing and Communications Specialist

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, the Elmwood community recognized Remembrance Day (students will not be in school on Friday, November 11, due to parent-teacher interviews). All students and staff attended an assembly to remember those who have sacrificed their lives, and who continue to risk their lives every day. Those who, instead of running away from danger, run towards it. The junior school choir performed “In Flanders Fields”, followed by a performance of “Highway of Heroes” from Kshirin Anandkumar, Fiona Zhang, Emma Farquhar, Dahlia Rostom, and Dena Yousuf. Honoured guest, Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, gave a moving speech about what Remembrance Day means to him and those who have served, as well as why it is important to remember. Our most sincere gratitude to Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie for speaking to the Elmwood Community and sharing his experience with us. Grade 9 student Sadie Hanley performed The Last Post, after which all in attendance stood for 2 minutes of silence as a sign of respect and a chance for reflection. Lest we forget.