Ottawa Regional Science Fair Results

The Ottawa Regional Science Fair is organized and run by a volunteer organization to encourage students in the Ottawa-Carleton Region, from grades 7 to 12, to research, develop, and present projects in the fields of science and engineering. Students from both public and private schools in the region are invited to enter projects in the fair.

Each year, approximately 200 projects are entered and judged in the junior, intermediate, senior, and special awards categories. The awards and prizes include cash awards and scholarships. Participation in the Fair also ensures the students’ eligibility to compete for a position on the team representing the Ottawa-Carleton Region at the subsequent national competition, the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF)

Elmwood was extremely well represented at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair and the results are in: 

  • Junior Division - First Place: Rowan P. & Rund H.
  • Junior Divions - Third Place: Safal K-B. 
  • Senior Division - Second Place: Avery P.
  • Junior Divisional Awards - Discovery: Rowan P. Information: Sarah D. 
  • Senior Divisional Awards: Discovery: Avery P. 
  • Special Awards: Ottawa Horticultural Society and Ottawa Field Naturalists Club: Isabella F.
  • Ted Rogers Innovation: Avery P. 


  • Popular Vote: Emma B.
  • Carleton University Science & Engineering Entrance Award: Avery P.
  • Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) Finalists: Avery & Rowan P.

Congratulations everyone! 

The full results and awards list can be found here