Following Elmwood's Science Fair on Tuesday, February 27, 10 students from Elmwood's Middle School, as well as a few from the Senior School, were selected to participate in the Ottawa Regional Science Fair at Carleton University on Friday, April 5, and Saturday, April 6. We are so proud of everyone who went to the Fair and presented their project amongst hundreds of others from across the city - such an impressive accomplishment! 

Elmwood students made a strong showing at this year's Fair, with 5 projects taking home awards. 

Tamsen Taylor, a Grade 9 student, wowed the judges with her project on Noise Pollution in Ottawa and was awarded her division's prize for Environmental and Climate Change, an award that is given to the project that helps ensure the quality of water, air, soil or the diversity of living things, or manages the impact of climate change.

Grade 10 student Safal Bhullar presented her project analysing the carbon monoxide levels in single engine airplanes and was awarded the Social Sciences Award, which is given to a project that demonstrates an exceptionally well-developed methodology and that has implications for the social sciences or practical healthcare.

Luoling Cao, a Grade 7 student, did her project on the effectiveness of different solutions on detecting remaining trace amounts of blood. Her research and hard work was rewarded, with the Committee awarding her third place prize in her age division. 

Grade 7 students Millie Nolan and Jet Kearns worked together on a project about plant germination in space. Their ingenuity was recognized with not one, not two, but four prizes. After receiving the second place prize for their age category, the students were also awarded the Division award for Agriculture, fisheries, and food, which recognizes an outstanding project that helps ensure food security, sustainability or competitiveness in agriculture, fisheries or food production. On top of that, they were also awarded the Subject Award in Horticulture from the Ottawa Horticultural Society, who recognized Jet and Millie's keen interest, knowledge, and creativity in the area of plant science. Lastly, Millie and Jet were invited to present their project at the Canada Wide Science Fair as one of the 11 projects selected to represent the Ottawa region. 

Amani Bhullar, a Grade 12 student, made the entire Elmwood community extremely proud with her outstanding project on the efficacy of toroidal propellors at reducing noise pollution. This amazing research was rewarded with 6 prizes:

  • First place prize in her age category;
  • The Subject Award for Creativity and Ingenuity, which recognizes an outstanding project that helps improve our understanding or addresses a problem in an area of STEM;
  • The Carleton University Science and Engineering Entrance Award, which is awarded to the best Grade 11 or 12 project at the Fair;
  • The Honeywell Aerospace Award, which recognizes a project that addresses aviation, engineering and/or cybersecurity as it relates to the aerospace industry;
  • Best in Fair, recognizing the top project from across the city;
  • And was selected to represent Ottawa, alongside Jet and Millie, as one of the 11 projects headed to the Canada Wide Science Fair. 

Amani truly blew the judges away with her impeccable work. A massive congratulations to Amani from the Elmwood community, we cannot wait to see where your talents propel you next!

We are so impressed with these results and are so proud of everyone who participated. We wish the best of luck to Amani, Millie, and Jet's for their upcoming presentations at the Canada Wide Science Fair. Thank you so much to all who participated and to the Science Department for their work in organizing these events.