by Emily Lim, Senior School Visual Art Teacher

The trip to New York City this year was incredible, with a great Elmwood group, amazing weather, and tons of great experiences! Teachers Emily Lim, Rebecca Benson, Sanja Cvetanovic and Katie Fraser loved being with the students and seeing the great sights in NYC. This trip's itinerary was built around art and fashion, as part of the Creativity pillar of the Elmwood co-curricular framework. 

Leaving the snow behind, the Elmwoodians headed south to the Big Apple, set to explore Times Square and view the skyline from Top of the Rock. They spent plenty of time in mid-town Manhattan, visiting the Museum of Art and Design to see the Taylor Swift costume exhibit and to be slightly spooked out by the Shary Boyle puppets, see Holly for more details on being spooked. They, of course, explored Central Park, visiting iconic sights and making their way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Students enjoyed seeing famous artworks such as Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali at the MoMA. The group enjoyed the bright lights and sights of the city that never sleeps and several were determined to see a rat. Luckily Marty had that covered, by stepping on one in Central Park. The visit to the Radio City Music Hall let them travel back in time to learn about the 30s and Art Deco architecture, and they even got to meet a Rockette, who clearly influenced the groups dance style (more on that later). 

A visit to the United Nations helped students learn about human rights and the work of the UN councils. The students loved walking along the waterfront, and they insisted on going down the slides and riding the carousel. Also on the schedule were visits to the 9/11 Monument and the Bull of Wall Street. The nights were very fun, with a delicious dinner at a Jazz and Swing club. The four, very enthusiastic, grade nines (Rebekah, Madeleine G, Anahita, and Alexa N) led the group on the dance floor, and they implemented their new found Rockette kick line skills. Students also enjoyed the girl-power, high energy Broadway play, Six the Musical. The students, teachers discovered, certainly have an impressive appreciation for shopping.

Highlights of the trip were certainly seeing students bond across grade levels, enjoy exploring a new city together, burst into random sing alongs, and have one four night long sleep over! It was truly a trip to remember!

Click here to see the full gallery of photos taken by Charlotte.