Community, Caring, Collaboration, Creativity, Call-to-Action, and Contribution. These are all words which a group of grade 6, 7 and 8 students used to describe their time as members of the Middle School Service Council. The Service Council was one of several councils and activities the students could choose from to fill their weekly enrichment period.

From September through February, these engaged students joined Community Prefect Yuke Zou and staff advisor Andrea Thomson, Director of Development and Alumni Relations to plan, promote and execute community service activities for the school, including assisting other clubs and the House Heads in promoting their charity events and activities. In addition, the students did group research on local not-for-profit organizations that make an impact on women, animals, and the needy in our city. Each group then presented their findings to the class, prompting a discussion on charities, the need for awareness and how one can help. 


The Service Council’s most significant and wide-reaching project was the Holiday Hamper Program in support of families of the Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre. Every detail of the project, from communicating with the Centre’s Program Officer, Patricia Lau, on most needed items, and making presentations in Assembly, to creating posters to promote the food drive and handing out the hampers to the families in need – the students did it all!  The group even wrote a letter to Dymon Storage asking for their support in providing boxes into which the food and toiletries would be packed. Their request was fulfilled and the group had the opportunity to meet Dymon Executive Vice President Steven Creighton and thank him for Dymon’s support. During their meeting, the students asked Mr. Creighton about Dymon’s community giving program and its impact.  

The final project led by the Service Council was “Kindness BINGO” a fun challenge for Middle and Senior Students on January 24th to mark National Compliment Day. Each act of kindness on the BINGO card was suggested and decided by the group, including complimenting a teacher, thanking the Bistro and Facilities team, and giving someone you don’t know a High-5. It was amazing to see students from all grades working together, making new friends, having fun, and working together to pick just the right laptop sticker when they got a BINGO! 

On February 9th a new group of Middle School students will join Service Council. But before they do, we need to recognize the first group for their tremendous work and enthusiasm for helping their community. Congratulations and thank you to Alexa N, Alex C, Annie S, Catherine D, Charlotte D, Daniella L, Eva L, Genny C, Hannah K, Hannah W, Kaia C, Lauren S, Poppy K, and Stella R. A big thank you to Community Prefect Yuke for her leadership!