Tell us about your new role and what you are most excited about.

I am delighted to be teaching Drama at Elmwood while Ms. Maitland is on her maternity leave.  I have been teaching Drama to students of all ages for over 14 years and I am very excited to have this opportunity to share my passion for theatre creation and performance with the drama students at Elmwood and have a chance to watch them discover and grow.  

What experience (work or otherwise) has best prepared you for this role?

I have greatly enjoyed teaching as a sessional for the past 5 years at the University of Ottawa’s theatre department and Carleton’s English Department, and I have  loved my opportunities to teaching young people at Kingston’s Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, the Sears Drama Festival, Ottawa Children’s Theatre and the Ottawa School of Theatre. I have also been working in professional theatre as a director, actor and producer over the past 22 years.  But what prepared me best for this role was spending the past four days with Ms. Maitland, co-teaching with her and trying to absorb as much of her wisdom and wealth of knowledge as I could in less than a week. A huge thanks to her!

What is your favourite thing about Elmwood?

So far…. The chicken pot pies from the Bistro. Or maybe the Drama Room. It is such a great space. But beyond that, it’s the students and staff.  Everyone has been so friendly and made me feel so welcome. This really is a very special community of amazing people. 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received, and from whom?

“There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” - Tara  Brach.

If you could choose one superpower to have, what would it be?  How would you best use it?

Teleportation. I wouldn’t need to drive or fly to cover long distances. And I could sleep in for an extra 25 minutes in the mornings.

Which word or phrase do you use most often?

“Does that make sense?”

What is one thing that would surprise people about you?

Perhaps the fact that I used to be so shy that the thought of ever speaking in public was the worst thing I could imagine, besides being trapped in a museum overnight in the statue gallery.  

What is your favourite extravagance?

A day at La Nordik Spa.

What is your favourite way to treat yourself?

Chocolate. (Or The Bistro.)