Elmwood students have many opportunities to develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills both in and out of the classroom. The student government at Elmwood is the perfect training ground for future leaders and informed, engaged citizens. 

Our Senior Prefect Team is a remarkable, passionate, and diverse group of student leaders who help to shape the Elmwood School community. Each Spring, Elmwood students and staff elect the student leaders for the coming school year. Candidates write a letter of intent, create a video, and give a speech in hopes of securing a Prefect position. We are very proud of all of our Grade 11 students who ran this year and thank them all for their effort and enthusiasm. 

Leading Elmwood's student body for the 2022 – 2023 school year are: 

  • Head Girl - Bianca Sugunasiri
  • Senior Prefect - Stefanie Tadman
  • Middle School Prefect - Zafreen Abdullah
  • Junior School - Coco Ru
  • Head of Fry - Hailey Kay
  • Head of Keller - Erika Rossi
  • Head of Wilson - Aimee Badge
  • Head of Nightingale - Christina Nightingale
  • Community Prefect - Yuke Zou
  • Arts Prefect - Stella-Charles Fisher
  • Student Ambassador - Leia Fraser-Robinson
  • Sports Prefect - Sarah “Jiggy” Schonfeld 

We can't wait for what is sure to be a fantastic school year with these students at the helm.