Meet our Prefects

Head Girl: Sarah Allam 

Elmwood School has long been an innovation hub for students to discover new skills and interests. With a plethora of courses and clubs that delve into various fields, their potential paths are endless. These vast opportunities have enabled students to enter our doors curious, and leave empowered. Elmwood School is a centre of excellence which prepares the next generation of groundbreaking women. I can speak for every student when I say that I have experienced immense growth as a learner and individual at Elmwood. Every class and every conversation within these four walls have strengthened my drive for innovation and change. Prepare to learn but, most importantly, prepare to grow.

Senior School Prefect: Caitlin Walsh 

Internationally recognized author Beau Taplin once said, “Home is not where you are from; it is where you belong.” Coming up on my 12th year at Elmwood, I can say without a doubt that I consider this school my second home. Every day I find myself surrounded by students, teachers, and staff that not only encourage me to be a better learner but a better person. Whether it be through leadership conferences across the country to basketball tournaments in The Maritimes, Elmwood has allowed me the opportunity to foster my passion for travel, become a stronger leader, and step out of my comfort zone, all while representing the school I love. As I approach the end of my journey at Elmwood School, I feel a strong sense of gratitude towards all who have helped me achieve my goals and get to where I am today. I look forward to leading the Senior School this upcoming year as Senior School Prefect.

Middle School Prefect: Maggie Fyfe 

"As I enter my sixth year at Elmwood, I am so grateful for the wonderful sense of community that we have at the school. Thanks to the encouragement of my peers and teachers, I have had the opportunity to grow not only as a learner but also as a leader. A highlight of my high school experience has been performing in Elmwood Theatre productions, where I was able to find my own voice while pretending to be someone else! I have also had the opportunity to participate in various leadership conferences where I was able to take a step outside of my comfort zone in a supportive environment. I feel so fortunate to be an Elmwood girl as I have been provided with an excellent toolbox of skills that will benefit me far beyond the classroom, including learning how to express myself, be empathetic, and take risks."

Junior School Prefect: Clare McGuffin 

“Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” -A. A. Milne. Elmwood has done exactly that for me, taught me that I am more capable than I ever believed. With its supportive staff and welcoming student body, the Elmwood community has helped make me the best version of myself. I have noticed how confident I have become and how enthusiastic I am to come to school every single day. I only arrived at Elmwood two years ago and am amazed at how many strong, close friendships I have made in this short amount of time. It’s such a privilege to be the Junior School prefect this year and am looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for life at Elmwood with the next generation of girls. I could go on forever, but this sums up my experience at Elmwood the best: “how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” -Winnie the Pooh.

Nightingale House Prefect: Aahana Uppal

The first time I stepped into Elmwood was on orientation day, the day before school started. I was, wearing my retainer and feeling all nervous. All of my nerves disappeared immediately when I got to hear from all the returning students about all of their wonderful experiences they had here at Elmwood. I thought to myself, “these next four years sound like they’re going to be so much fun”, – and I was right!. With the fun came, friendships, a sense of community, as well as challenges, of course. Overcoming these challenges, like trying to understand rates of change in math class or memorizing the choreography for the school play, required perseverance, risk-taking, and, most of all, a team. Little did I know that on that first day of school I would find my team, and achieve more than I ever thought I could. Here’s to another year of challenges and climbing towards our goals! GO NIGHTINGALE!

Keller House Prefect: Genevieve Landry 

Over my time at Elmwood, I can say for certain that attending a school with such a close-knit community has been one of the best experiences in my life. At Elmwood, students are given the opportunity to participate in various activities that go beyond the classroom walls. Over my high school career, I have been to leadership conferences, attended university tours, played on sports teams, and participated in different clubs and councils. Through participating in these activities, I have improved upon many social skills that have allowed me to be the leader I am today. With the excessive support of all members of the school, I am prepared to tackle this new leadership position of being Elmwood School’s 2020/21 Head of Keller. 

Fry House Prefect: Stephanie Atkinson 

I came to Elmwood at the end of grade 7 and have enjoyed my time every day since so very much.  Everyone accepted me so easily and supported me, even when I muddled through French class and kept standing to the left.  I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, which has given me a very broad perspective on life.  I have been lucky enough to work with girls from all grades through coaching and school activities, and I have enjoyed passing on my knowledge and encouraging them to be their best.  Mentoring has given me the opportunity to understand myself and to watch school spirit come to life as the girls grow in confidence.  Likewise, I have been inspired by the older girls because of their kindness and willingness to listen, the advice they gave, and by watching how hard they work.
Finally, my teachers have been like rugby coaches because they teach you how to tackle or go around any obstacles in your path to learning.  They inspire you to persevere, through teamwork and commitment, and to never give up until the final whistle blows.  In this last year at Elmwood, I am looking forward to getting to know more of the Elmwood community, creating great memories, and seeing what we can achieve together.

Wilson House Prefect: Grace Brunner

Elmwood celebrates differences and allows everyone to thrive in a unique environment and feel comfortable in their own skin. Since my first year in Grade 1, I have learned the skills to tackle issues that seemed insurmountable and have continued to fight for my dreams. I found my love for theatre and sciences during my 11 years at Elmwood, and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. From activities at the start of the year, like Camp Elmwood, straight to the very end with our last spirit regatta, I have made memories that I will cherish forever. Growing up at Elmwood is special because while you are trying to find yourself and discover your passions, you are always met with support from teachers, coaches, and friends the – every step of the way. During my 12th and final year at Elmwood, I am honoured to be a Prefect and able to share the amazing experiences I have had with all students. I have acquired spirit and leadership skills through numerous events, and opportunities offered, and am ready to be a role model for the school’s younger students. Being an Elmwood girl has meant so much to me and has shaped me into the person I am today. GO WILSON!

Community Prefects: Sophie Barbeau-O'Connor and Lori Harris


Elmwood is a journey. A journey that continually tests and strengthens all of your skills every day, and challenging you while providing a safe environment to learn and grow. Although at times, it can seem overwhelming, you always know that you have help when you need it. From the staff to the students, Elmwood creates a welcoming environment that you look forward to arriving at each morning. Now that I am looking back on my first days at Elmwood in grade 7, I cannot believe that I am going into my final year. There are so many things that I am going to miss like school events to class trips, and the sports. But, I think what I’ll miss most of all is seeing the people that I have made close connections with over the years. I know that those connections will stay strong even once I leave Elmwood because that is how amazing and strong the Elmwood community is. 


Elmwood–Inspiring each girl to reach her full potential. One realizes the full meaning of this motto only after attending the school. One year in and, I have felt the welcoming warmth of the students, teachers, and staff. If I could say one thing about how Elmwood has impacted my approach to learning and the way I think, is that it has taught me that I should always aim to be a better version of myself. I have had the opportunity to be a part of so many amazing school committees and events all of which have increased my confidence and advanced my leadership skills. We each have our own obstacles, whether it be staying motivated to keep on top of all the schoolwork or learning something difficult. However, our tight-knit community brings us together to help us climb over these hurdles and reach for our goals. Elmwood has impacted my life greatly and has shaped me into the person I am today.

Student Ambassador Prefect: Felicia Dionne

I remember so vividly that first visit to Elmwood, just two years ago. The halls filled with signs of academic achievement, the cheerful conversations all around, and the sense that this was the school where I was meant to thrive. I received so much since I’ve arrived here, that I am driven to give back over the course of my Grade 12 year. There is no telling what you might make of your time at Elmwood when you first walk into those doors. I, for one, could have never predicted forming countless friendships, joining such an incredible rowing team, or even getting pied alongside our Headmaster! Every day, I have the privilege to interact with wonderful girls and faculty who have my best interest at heart. Lately, I miss those small things I took for granted before the pandemic when the school went online. Despite the challenge, the resilience of Elmwood brought us together even from a (social) distance and continues to unite us regardless of the uncertainty in the world. One thing is certain; I look forward to making this year memorable for each girl at Elmwood!

Sports Prefect: Grace Charness 

Over the past 11 years, Elmwood has become my second home and a place of growth, hard work, but most importantly, enjoyment. Through our close-knit community here, I have met so many incredible individuals and have had opportunities that I could not have had anywhere else. I have learned about commitment and community through numerous artistic endeavours, as well as developed my own passion for athletics through various Elmwood sports teams. Some of my best memories include trying new sports, I would never have expected to enjoy, and taking part in Elmwood’s theatre productions. As I head into my senior year, I am grateful for all that Elmwood has given me, as it has given every student who walks through its doors. The opportunities that have been provided to me, and the community that I have been lucky enough to be a part of, are why Elmwood is so special to me and the reason that I will forever and always be proud to be an Elmwood girl.

Arts Prefect: Marika Kors 

Being an Elmwood girl means I am given a tremendous amount of opportunity and support to grow as a student and person! Every day at Elmwood is a new and exciting experience, not only from the points of view of academics, sports, and activities but also from the seemingly ordinary daily events, like laughing with my friends in the hallways. As I reach my final year at Elmwood, I am honoured to be given the opportunity to take on new responsibilities as a student leader. I am thrilled to offer support to the younger years, just like I have been helped by other inspiring students and teachers while growing up at Elmwood. I am very grateful for having been part of this amazing school, and I will be sure to take the lessons and unforgettable memories with me in the next years of my life!