Students in Elmwood’s business and accounting classes and students in the Junior School’s Mini-Entrepreneurs enrichment had the opportunity to learn from a successful local entrepreneur (and former Elmwood student) who shared her experiences of starting and growing her business, Spyce Girlz. Lily Bond, the ‘Spyce Girl’ and founder of Spyce Girlz, shared her journey of turning her passion for cooking and love for spices and seasoning into a thriving business.

During Lily’s visit, she spoke about the successes and challenges she faced when starting her business. She shared how she overcame challenges by focusing on quality, natural ingredients, building relationships with her customers, and utilizing social media and online platforms to expand her reach. The students were interested in hearing about Lily's different strategies to market her business, including participating in local food festivals and markets, her creative website, and collaborating with other businesses in the community.

Overall, Lily Bond’s visit was a valuable learning experience for the Junior and Senior School students. They gained insight into the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, as well as practical tips for starting and growing a business. The entrepreneur's passion and success with Spice Girlz served as an inspiration for students to pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures in the future.
If anyone wants to learn more about Spyce Girlz and how to spice up your food’s flavour profile, please visit Lily’s website at: https://www.spycegirlz.com/