To celebrate International Women’s Day, ElmEmploy, a student-run initiative, hosted a networking reception for Elmwood students and community members. Students got the opportunity to discuss future career plans, make valuable connections, and develop networking skills. Thank you so much again to all the alumni, Elmwood parents and students that attended the event. The reception aimed to acknowledge women's contributions in business and recognize the pay and leadership disparity between men and women in the workforce. It was also a great preview to our guest speaker, Andrea Johnson, who provided an inspiring presentation on the impact of the board of directors on today's CEOs and business leaders. She helped everyone recognize the impact young women can have to drive change in their capacity as a highly sought-after consumer market and potential shareholders of publicly traded companies. 

The event also served to highlight tools and skills taught as part of ElmEmploy’s four-week curriculum starting after the March break. ElmEmploy is a program piloted last year dedicated to helping Elmwood students bridge the gap between high school and the workforce through workshops guided by guest speakers and a job board connecting Elmwood students to potential employers. If you or someone you know is interested in helping to offer a volunteer, employment or internship opportunity, feel free to fill out this form. For students, you can sign up here to register for ElmEmploy’s curriculum. 

Thank you so much again to everyone that could attend, and a big thanks to Ms. Irwin- Jackson and the Communications Team for helping ElmEmploy organize and facilitate this reception. 


Hailey, Sydney, and Cleo