Last Thursday and Friday students of Latin, Classical Civilization, and the Classics Club took part in a unique in-school field trip. During this time, students participated in a number of activities meant to replicate some of the activities they would traditionally do as part of the Ontario Student Classics Conference.

Some of these activities included;

  • processing replica artefacts as part of an archaeology activity, and present their findings about the site and its qualities; 
  • hear (virtual) guest speakers/professors on Classical topics from various universities in Ontario; engage in a variety of hands-on creative workshops along with ancient cooking;
  • race an ancient Roman chariot;
  • view a virtual creative gallery of student work;
  • participate in fun Kahoots and Quizizz on general topics related to the Classical world;
  • and view documentaries and videos about Classical topics (including some tutorials)

To close out the fun two days students participated in a movie pizza party after school on Friday!

Thanks to Ms. Ellison for organizing such an engaging and creative two-day event for her students.