This past week, the Grade 7 science classes set off for Montreal, more specifically, the Cosmodôme! They were bound for an epic three days at Space Camp, an immersive experience that allowed our students to delve into the wonders of outer space through a series of engaging activities and educational programs. From simulated space missions to interactive exhibits, our students had the unique opportunity to experience the challenges and excitement of space travel firsthand. The Cosmodôme provided an enriching environment where students could expand their understanding of astronomy, space science, and technology.

Some highlights of their other worldly adventures include:

  • Mission to Mars Workshop - with different Mars simulations
  • 0 Gravity Wall - where students were stationed outside the ISS, completing various tasks 
  • Multi-axes Gyroscope Simulation - students learned how to concentrate while disoriented, much like astronauts must do
  • Egg'o'naut Challenge - Participants had to invent and build a capsule prototype in teams, which needed to protect its content from a three storey fall
  • Space Missions - Collaborating with ground control, astronauts on the shuttle had to overcome a series of challenges

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