Excerpt from Queenie's presentation that was given in assembly.

In our most recent unit for Grade 11 and 12 Film class, we learned how to build compelling and relatable characters by creating good character arcs. 

A character arc is the inner journey that a character takes over the course of the story. Strong character arcs are essential in creating meaningful movies as they give characters more depth, help to engage the audience emotionally, and make the story more impactful overall. One movie I thought nailed their character arcs was Disney’s Zootopia. Hence, as part of the end-of-unit assignment, I chose to create a movie review of Zootopia by analyzing the character arcs of the two main characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. 

In this video essay, I used clips from the movie, voice-overs, and some script to lead the audience through an in-depth critique of the film. I talked a bit about the wants of the characters and how that contrasted with what they needed in order to grow as a character, as well as the obstacles they must overcome to achieve true happiness. I also touched on the stakes and how they are gradually raised throughout the film to create a more exciting story. 

By watching my video essay, I hope you gain a deeper understanding of how a character arc works and come to appreciate Zootopia as much as I do. Please enjoy it! 

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