Author: Jason Levesque, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

The IB Diploma Programme is regarded as one of the most challenging and rigorous academic programs in the world, and we were thrilled to see exceptional results when IB scores were published worldwide in early July. IB examinations are externally evaluated by educators from around the world, and our results reflect the academic rigour of our program and the effort and talent of our students.

While being an IB student is challenging under even the most ideal circumstances, our Class of 2022 were in a doubly complex situation as they had done much of their learning throughout the pandemic while being the first class since 2019 to actively write their examinations. As we have come to expect from Elmwood students, our 7 full diploma candidates and 22 IB certificate candidates rose to the occasion and achieved stellar results. The average score for our full diploma students was 35 points, exceeding the world average and, once again, placing Elmwood in the very top % of schools in North America and the world. Four of our students scored 38+ points out of a possible 45; these included Serena Chen, Avery Parkinson, Madighan Ryan and Lucia Strkalj.  Madighan Ryan received 40 points which is the highest of our graduating class. As a measure of comparison, a 38 points average is similar to a 96% average in the Ontario Ministry.

The average score per course was a remarkable 5.6 out of 7, again exceeding the world average and translating to an Ontario percentage of 92%. Further, numerous students received subject marks of 7, which is the highest mark in the IB, translating to the Ontario equivalent of 100% in that course. 

Though these results are impressive and speak volumes about our students’ ability to remain focused and resilient in changing circumstances, they are only a part of what makes this graduating class of IB students so special. Their commitment to each other, to social issues and to using their education as a tool to ameliorate the lives of those around them capture the spirit of an IB education and what Elmwood stands for, far better than their strong academic performance. We are proud of what these students have accomplished, but we are prouder still of who they are and how they see their position in the world.