by Ali, Grade 10 Student and member of Elmwood's Climate Crew

On April 19th, myself and a group of passionate Climate Crew members marched to Parliament Hill to express our distress concerning the current state of the environment. We protested many climate related issues ranging from fast fashion to climate inaction. On our way to Parliament, we marched with our signs and a few politicians walked up to us and discussed how important our cause was. They were willing to listen and felt passionate about this topic. 

Once we reached Parliament, we had a meeting with the Ottawa-Vanier MP, Mona Fortier. Afterwards, we entered the West Block, where we continued our meaningful discussion with Mona Fortier, and other politicians. Mona was very welcoming and took the time to listen to our concerns about the state of the environment and happily took questions on how the Canadian government is working to mitigate climate change and reduce their environmental impact. Despite the rain, we persevered and had a wonderful experience showing that, no-matter how young you are, you can still advocate for what you believe in.

Elmwood celebrated Earth Week 2024 from April 22 - 26. The senior school Climate Crew devised and planned numerous fun climate related activities. To start the week off strong, there was a partial civvies day, where students were permitted to wear a blue or green top to celebrate our Earth. Then, during lunch, there was a litter cleanup called “Clean Up the Hood”.

We walked to the local Village Green park, adopted by Elmwood, and by the end of it, we removed an entire garbage bag of litter from the Rockcliffe neighbourhood. Throughout the week, there were numerous themed homeroom activities, ranging from environmental change makers to food waste. Then, we had an amazing guest speaker, Caroline Wilcox, talk to us about her experience as a volunteer at Food Sharing Ottawa. Food Sharing Ottawa is a non-profit organization which works to eliminate food waste and hunger by repurposing surplus food from businesses and companies, which then gets donated to people in need. Also, during Homeroom time we discussed environmentally-based prompts with our classmates regarding environmental change makers and how to minimize our own household food waste!

Finally, there was also a giant circumpolar floor map in the Auditorium, which classes were encouraged to look at in order to gain a better understanding of Arctic environments and how climate change is impacting them. In conclusion, Climate Crew made the most out of Earth Week to celebrate our magnificent Earth. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such an informative, engaging, and impactful week!