In the Fall of 2021, four Elmwood families approached the School administration with an idea of a legacy project to commemorate and celebrate the 14 years their daughters had spent at Elmwood. 

These students who completed 14 years - JK through Grade 12 at Elmwood, are Alexandra Boushey '22 (and her sister Emma, Class of 2019), Kaylah Carruthers '22, Lauren Jane Hudson '22, and Charlotte McLaughlin '22. A tight-knit group from the start, these proud Elmwood girls were touched and delighted to learn about this project, which was presented to them over the winter holidays. 

Charlotte, Lauren Jane, Kaylah, and Alexandra at Senior Closing 2022

Together with their daughters, the families hoped that this legacy project would benefit all current and future students, as well as other members of the Elmwood community. So it was an easy decision that the legacy project be an outdoor learning and gathering space that will become the cornerstone of Elmwood’s campus renewal plans over the summer. 

The outdoor space will be located on the natural slope on the side of the parking lot looking upon the Junior School, where Alexandra, Emma, Kaylah, Lauren Jane, and Charlotte spent their formative years. Constructed out of stone and natural materials, the space will take on the shape of an amphitheatre in the classical Greek form complete with a front stage or presentation platform. Trees and other landscape features will be planted around the space, and a shade sail will complete the learning and gathering space. 

Charlotte, Lauren Jane, Kaylah, and Alexandra at Junior School Closing, 2015

Construction will begin this summer and an official unveiling, including a commemorative plaque recognizing the support of Boushey, Carruthers, Hudson, and McLaughlin families, will take place in the Fall of 2022. 

Our sincere thanks to France Bourbonnais and Robin Boushey, Denise and Dan Carruthers, Kelly and Peter Hudson, and Catherine and Terry McLaughlin for their inspiration of this project, and for their tremendous support of Elmwood over the years. To the students – Emma, Alexandra, Kaylah, Lauren Jane and Charlotte thank you for making the Elmwood community what it is.