1.    What inspired you to give to the 2022-23 Elmwood Fund?

Elmwood seems to be an institution that is efficiently and effectively run. As with many educational organizations, financing can be tight and there is generally less funding available for the kinds of improvements and initiatives (like the new science lab and the outdoor classroom) that make Elmwood a truly exceptional school. Given this, it was clear to us that giving to the Elmwood Fund would make a really tangible difference to the students and their future. 

2.    Have you supported the Elmwood Fund before? If yes, why do you think it's important to support the school's annual giving campaign? 

We have supported Elmwood in the past. We believe an annual donation is important to ensure Elmwood remains an exceptional school through the years. A one-time donation will of course help with a specific initiative but for continuous improvement and innovation, ongoing support is necessary. 

3.    How did you give to the Fund? Was it a one-time gift, a monthly donation, a donation to the United Way Workplace Campaign, or other? 

We gave through the donation portal in the My BackPack website. It was a one-time donation but we will continue to support Elmwood annually and from time-to-time with support for other initiatives as they come up. 

4.    In sharing your giving story, what do you hope others will learn, and do? 

We hope by sharing our thoughts on supporting Elmwood, others will be inspired to give in recognition of the truly outstanding job that Elmwood’s leadership and staff are doing to prepare our children for the future. Donations go directly to initiatives that create a truly outstanding institution that benefits the students. 

5.    What does philanthropy mean to you and your family? 

I am the child of an immigrant family that came to Canada for a better life. In the beginning, we did not have much, but my parents worked hard and gave us the opportunity for a solid education.  This allowed us to excel. Without the foundation of a solid education, we would not be where we are today. There were many people who helped us along the way. I believe in giving back and that education is the cornerstone to success. 

6.    Tell us how your daughter has benefited from an Elmwood education, and how you hope this year's three priorities will make an impact on her learning and experience at the school (teaching excellence, physical and mental health through play, and financial assistance)?

Our daughter has benefited greatly from her time at Elmwood. The school does not just teach math and science, etc. - it teaches students how to become outstanding citizens by approaching learning from a holistic skills development perspective, using, for example, interdisciplinary projects and assignments. Elmwood also emphasizes physical and mental health which rounds out the learning agenda. Setting a high standard for teaching, and considering and teaching kids mental and physical health will help shape their approach to life in general, setting them up to be kind, caring and happy members of society. As well, donations to Elmwood allow the school to provide learning opportunities to a wider range of deserving students.