Sabrina Fan, Class of 2021, is to be congratulated on her huge accomplishments this year! 
An IB Diploma student, Sabrina achieved a 44/45 on her IB score– the highest score an Elmwood student has ever received. In addition to this, Sabrina is the recipient of the Governor General's Academic Medal award. This medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduation from their secondary school. The average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses as listed on the student’s official transcript.  
Sabrina is also the recipient of Elmwood’s Grade 12 Overall Academic Excellence Award for the highest average across all Grade 12 courses.
Sabrina joined Elmwood in Grade 9. She says that one of her fondest memories is the Duke of Edinburgh Silver trip, where she and about 20 other Grade 10 students did a winter expedition to Algonquin Park that included some rigorous cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Sabrina remembers it being very cold but says the cold weather just made the memories that much stronger! 
Sabrina also reflects fondly on her time on the Elmwood Basketball team and the CAIS basketball trips with the team over two years - once to Toronto and once to St. John’s.
Sabrina and a fellow grade 12 student started the HOSA club in grade 11. The goals of this club really fed into Sabrina’s interests, and she reflects on what a good learning experience it was. Even though it was hard to get the club started, she and her partner learned as they went. Unfortunately, they never got to attend the HOSA conference in person (due to COVID), but they were able to attend the online conference this past year. 
Teachers reflect on Sabrina as being organized, focused and hard-working, as well as being a great thinker. Her future pathway at university is no surprise, as Sabrina has always had a preference for the Sciences.  Sabrina will be attending McMaster University in the Fall for their Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours program. This is a four-year program with an Honours research project in the fourth year. Sabrina knows this will be a  good stepping stone to pursue a career in medicine, which is her current goal.  In looking ahead to her university experience, Sabrina says, “I’m excited - it’s coming very fast! Only a month and a half left. I’m looking forward to being in a new environment and meeting new people.”
When asked what advice she has for senior school students for setting and achieving goals, Sabrina suggests not focusing on the end goal too much. She advises setting small goals and taking things day by day. The best piece of advice that Sabrina has ever received is to not focus on what other people are doing. She says, "Focus on what you are doing and relax about the things you can’t control - everything will work itself out." Great advice, Sabrina!