At the beginning of the month, a group of Elmwood students, accompanied by Mr Hodgins and Ms Fischer, journeyed to Belize for 10 days of adventure! Highlights included visiting the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, a private after hours tour of the Belize Zoo, a boat ride to IZE Belize in South Water Caye, a guided tour of the coral reef for an ecological marine exploration, snorkelling lessons, exploring the ancient Mayan city of Caracol, and so many more epic opportunities!

Grade 11 student, Kay Sharkey has provided a recap of this epic trip. Thanks Kay!

Our venture to Belize was one filled with lush jungles and crystal-clear waters alike, and it sure is one that I will never forget. Adventuring through an ecosystem entirely unknown to us was a positively thrilling experience! From the smallest octopi to the impressively large jaguar at the zoo, there was so much wildlife to be explored. I remember a particularly shocking moment when we passed by what seemed to be a “caution: deer” sign, that actually turned out to be a wildcat warning! 

Additionally, exploring a country that- in it’s very essence- was fundamentally different from Canada, was always filled with very basic, everyday differences. Specifically: food-wise! I found it particularly fascinating that, while we have many variations of berries and apples as everyday fruits, I never saw a berry in any store or on any plate. Apples were few and far between - a stark contrast to our thirty-seven varieties at any given store. Though, I didn’t miss them once when given heaping bowls of papayas, melons, and pineapple covered in yogurt. 

Altogether, this was an incredible experience filled with natural fascination and cultural learning, and it was a wonderful getaway. I’m so thankful to have been able to go, and for our wonderful guides and teachers that held our hands along the way. 

Kay Sharkey, Grade 11 student