By Stephanie Chin, Instructional Leader - Mathematics, Grade Team Lead 11/12

The Beaver Computing Challenge is a contest through the University of Waterloo for students in grades 6-10. It is a way to introduce computer science to students, and is designed to get students with little or no previous experience excited about computing. The BCC is a problem-solving contest, with a focus on computational and logical thinking. Questions are inspired by topics in computer science, but only require familiarity with concepts found in mathematics curriculum common to all provinces.

Below is the list of winner for Elmwood, they are the top 25% of those who took the contest. *Four students in grade 9/10 received perfect scores of 90, their names are bolded in the list. 

Georgie Dickson 5/6

Charlotte Portengen 5/6

Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy 5/6

Emily Cai 5/6

Rain Liu 5/6

Catherine Delaney 5/6

Jet Kearns 5/6

Elaine Li 5/6

Alice Zhao 5/6

Madeleine Garner 7/8

Charlotte Ogilvie 7/8

Naomi Baird 7/8

Zoe Goshko 7/8

Eva Li 7/8

Aya Al Khalili 9/10

Alexandra Denison 9/10

Rowan Parkinson 9/10

Madeline Petit 9/10

Sadie Hanley 9/10

Yaxuan (May) Wang 9/10

Clarissa Lauzon 9/10

Ava Minnes 9/10

Hannah Vermeij 9/10

Raluca Voina 9/10