Avery Parkinson, Class of 2022, is proud to be one of this year’s Ingenium-NSERC Steam Horizon Award recipients. Established in 2016 and awarded to five youth 16-18 each year, the STEAM Horizon Award recipients receive $25,000 toward their post-secondary education.   

The award's objective is to promote STEAM fields to the next generation of scientists and engineers. STEAM Horizon winners must clearly demonstrate their passion for the STEAM field. Each applicant must also show how they have been able to leverage this passion to positively impact their communities.  

Avery is a strong believer in the power of the collective to make a positive impact and the idea that meaningful change starts with recognizing the problem and committing to being part of the solution.  Her particular area of interest in addressing the fragilities of food security and building environmentally sustainable food systems.  As Executive Director of Cellular Agriculture Canada, co-founder of Cellular Agriculture Student Enthusiasts, and this year’s Community Prefect, she is already an inspiration to younger students at Elmwood and beyond.  

Avery will be studying Engineering at McMaster University in the Fall. She is also the recipient of the Loran Scholarship, one of Canada's most prestigious merit-based scholarships.