On Thursday June 9, Elmwood celebrated athletes in Middle and Senior School with a MS Athletics Assembly in the afternoon and a SS Athletics Banquet in the evening. Each event recognized all athletes for their participation and some students were acknowledged for their athletic excellence, sportsmanship, improvement and spirit. Coaches were also thanked for the tremendous amount of time and effort that they put into offering such great opportunities. 

This year we were thrilled to be able to offer recreational opportunities (bootcamp, yoga and hiking in the hood), developmental teams that practiced but didn’t compete (primarily due to COVID restrictions) and competitive teams. We are really proud that in the Middle School we had 80% of students participate in at least one activity and 70% of the senior school. We will hopefully be able to offer a few more teams next year as restrictions lift and will continue to offer recreational, developmental and competitive opportunities with the hope that every student will be able to join something that they love! 

At the banquet, those teams that competed, awarded selected team members Most Valuable Player, Most Spirited Player and Most Improved Player as chosen by the coach. A number of major awards were also presented that were voted on by all coaches. 

Full results are below.  Congratulations Eagles!  

MIDDLE SCHOOL MVPs (Most Valuable)
Bella Nguyen and Sofia Nguyen 7/8 X-country), Valerie Lokhonia (7/8 Badminton), Kiara Parsi-Boetig (7/8 Basketball), Mia and Penny Stewart (7/8 Volleyball), Olivia Fincham-Dinsdale, Annabelle Nehme, Dina B and Sales F (6-8 Track)

MIDDLE SCHOOL MIPs  (Most Improved)
Leticia Darevic (6 Basketball), Safal Bhullar and McKenna Wu (7/8 Basketball), Isabella Furu (7/8 Volleyball), Sophia Masia-Mandala 7/8 Ultimate)

MIDDLE SCHOOL MSPs (Most Spirited)
Dina Badio (6 Basketball), Beatrice Townsend (7/8 X-country), Kaia Cruise, Lyv Kearns and Zoe Goshko (7/8 Badminton), Olympia Betts 7/8 Ultimate)


  • Cheryl Tweedie Award for Athletic Excellence in Grade 6: Zara Campbell

  • Jody McLaren Cup for Athletic Excellence in Grade 7: Kiara Parsi Boetig

  • Fauquier Junior Award for Sportsmanship in MS Athletics: Raiah Filleul

  • Crowdy Weir Bantam Award for Athletic Excellence in Grade 8: Safal Bhullar

  • Grade 8 Honour Athletic Award for overall excellence and involvement in sport for their Middle School Years: Safal Bhullar, Sloane Bradley, Raiah Filleul, Isabella Furu, Sophia Masia Mandala, Penny Stewart, Alyssa Thomson

Simone Dubord (11/12 Tennis), Marissa Wu (9-12 Fall Comp Rowing), Victoria Smyth (11/12 Volleyball), Shelby McMahon (Alpine Skiing), Hannah Vermeij (9-12 Badminton), Brynn Tinmouth (9/10 Volleyball), Jiggy Schonfled (9-12 Soccer)

Anne Karwath (11-12 Tennis), Sacha Coindre (9-12 Fall Comp Rowing), Jennifer Martens (11/12 Volleyball), Tina Zhang (9-12 Badminton), Aya Al Khalili (9/10 Volleyball), Tess Kowal (9-12 Soccer), Sacha Coindre (9-12 Track), M-E. Hickey (9-12 Spring Comp Rowing)

Faustine D’Elia (11-12 Tennis), Sydney Little (9-12 Fall Comp Rowing), Angelika Boehm (11-12 Volleyball), Christina Nightengale (9-12 Badminton), Rachael Deison (9-12 Soccer), Hannah Vermeij (9-12 Track), Katelyn Lennox (9-12 Spring Comp Rowing)


  • Physical Education Award – In recognition of exceptional effort, teamwork and attitude of a SS HPE Student: Rachel Denison

  • Elite Athlete Award – In recognition of involvement, dedication and high athletic achievement in a sport outside of school: Charlotte McLaughlin - Horseback Riding

  • Neale Intermediate Sportsmanship Cup – In recognition of commitment, effort and teamwork of a Grade 9/10 athlete: ME Hickey

  • Maynard Sportsmanship Cup - In recognition of commitment, effort and teamwork of a Grade 11/12 athlete: Jiggy Schonfeld

  • Dunlop Intermediate Sports Cup – In recognition of athletic excellence of a 9/10 athlete: Naila Moloo

  • Wilson Sports Cup – In recognition of athletic excellence of a 11/12 athlete: Victoria Smyth

  • Great Yoi Honour Athletic Award – Overall excellence and involvement in sport during their four years in high school: Marissa Wu