Please tell us a little about what you do now.
I currently work at a Visual Effects Studio as a CG Producer, producing visual effects for movies and television shows. We work on a wide range of series and films including Netflix series, Disney films, the list goes on. We do everything from creating fire effects, water effects, 3D Character Digi doubles, or green screen backdrops. 
Was that what you wanted to do when you were at Elmwood?
I knew at Elmwood I wanted to work in television or media - I was always creating short films for assembly, or Prefect videos back at Elmwood - but I knew very little about the visual effects world at the time. 
What is one thing you wish you knew in those days?
Do not stress as much! I stressed a lot about grades and taking the right courses. I am so thankful Elmwood was able to give me the opportunities that it did, but I wish I was a bit more relaxed, especially with grades. Everything will work out in the end.
What is your fondest Elmwood memory?
So many! Europe Trip in Grade 12, the Me to We trip to Kenya in Grade 11, being a part of the Elmwood Theatre production every year, and Prefect duties in Grade 12. 

A recent trip to Death Valley California, Lucy loves to travel in her spare time. 

What did you end up doing (schooling, career, etc)?
After Elmwood I studied at Western University, I did a dual degree/diploma in Media Theory and Production at Western University. This was a Bachelor of Arts in Media Theory and Production at Western and a Television Broadcasting diploma from Fanshawe College in a span of four years. Through university, I co-produced Western TV, the university's own television series, and interned at Breakfast Television Toronto in their Digital Media department. After university, I moved to Toronto to pursue a career in Television and Film. I started off as a Production Assistant at Legend 3D a stereo conversion company (the creation of 3D movies) where I worked on projects like Pirates of the Caribbean, Pete's Dragon, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Gods, and Egypt and a Beautiful Planet. From there, I moved into Visual Effects. I started as a Production Coordinator at SPINVFX and made my way to a Producer role after 5 years. 

What is the coolest part of your job?
Coolest part of my job is working on prestigious projects such as Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, Marvel films – it never gets old being able to see your name in the credits at the end of a project! I also love the challenge of learning something new daily and being able to work with so many talented people. Every day is different, every show has different needs and it's really cool to be able to work on shows from start to finish. The final product is always amazing and to see where we started and where we finished. It always feels like a huge accomplishment.

Lucy's team received this poster, with a personalized note from the Duffer Brothers, after wrapping Stranger Things - Season 3

What was it like working on an Emmy nominated show? (Umbrella Academy)
So fun! I feel super proud to be a part of both seasons of Umbrella Academy especially season 2 as we worked on the show non-stop during the first few months of Covid. We also worked on the first opening sequence of Season 2 for almost 6 months; it’s a huge 4-minute one-take shot introducing all the characters back to the season with tons of VFX. I was extremely proud of the work we did for the season. It was also quite challenging because we had to adjust our structure and finish the project online in the midst of covid. But the long hours and hard work paid off with the Emmy nomination for quite a challenging episode.
What are some highlights of your career?
Going to the premiere of Umbrella Academy Season 1 was a huge highlight. We got to watch the first episode at TIFF, then meet the cast including Elliot Page and Mary J. Blige in a huge celebration at the Drake Hotel where it was Griddy's Donut's Themed. Working on Stranger Things was also a goal of mine after watching Season 1 and 2, so being able to work on Season 3 was a huge accomplishment and a bucket list moment for me. 

Lucy at the Premier of Umbrella Academy Season 1

Do you have any upcoming projects?
I can't talk about projects that are currently in progress - but we have lots of projects in the works! Stay tuned. 

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