What is your best memory from Elmwood?
It is difficult to choose just one memory from my 12 years at Elmwood – there are so many candidates! However, one memory that continues to stand out for me was participating in the 2019 CAIS Senior Student Leadership Conference in Victoria, British Columbia. It was an honour to be selected to attend this conference and to represent Elmwood. It was one of the most enriching and engaging leadership conferences I have ever attended while being a student at Elmwood. I had the opportunity to meet student leaders from across Canada, develop new friendships, and participate in thought-provoking workshops that would continue to develop my skills, and my passion, for leadership. The CAIS Leadership Conference remains one of my most cherished memories of my time at Elmwood.
Which Elmwood teacher inspired you the most, and how?
All of the faculty and staff at Elmwood have played an influential role in the person I am today. As teachers, coaches, and mentors, they continued to challenge me in all my endeavours and helped me to be a risk-taker. The knowledge and personal skills that I gained as a student at Elmwood has provided a wonderful framework for university. The Elmwood teacher that truly inspired me the most would be Ms. Hanratty. Ms. Hanratty is one of the kindest and most open-minded individuals I have met. As my History teacher, she led classes that promoted an inclusive and enjoyable learning environment for all students. Her passion for History transcended to all students. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Hanratty was always available to talk with students. She was also one of my biggest basketball fans at Elmwood and played an instrumental role as an assistant coach at both CAIS Basketball Tournaments (2018, 2019). Ms. Hanratty is one of the most dedicated staff members I have had the pleasure to work with and her actions as a leader to make students feel included and welcomed in the Elmwood community continues to inspire me to this day.
After leaving Elmwood, what did you do?
After a very busy summer working, camping, and spending time with friends from Elmwood, I started down a new academic path at the University of Ottawa. I am currently enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program at the Telfer School of Management. I am specializing in the Management stream in addition to being a French Immersion and CO-OP student. Along with having a bilingual curriculum, I have also joined a variety of Telfer clubs including the Telfer Law Society, Enactus (entrepreneurship club), and the Telfer Competitions Committee. I will also be attending the Happening Marketing business competition in March at L’Université de Sherbrooke as a delegate from the University of Ottawa. I have continued to play basketball at the University of Ottawa in the co-ed intramural program and am currently team captain for our team. Overall, my university experience has been everything I could have imagined and more, and I look forward to the amazing years ahead!
Name two things on your bucket list.
Two things on my bucket list include seeing Ireland and skydiving. I feel as though skydiving would be a breathtaking experience that I am hoping to accomplish in the next few years.

Traveling to Ireland has been a long-standing bucket list item. My ancestors are from Ireland and it has been a goal of mine to travel there to learn more about my heritage and to explore the beautiful country.
What are you happiest doing when not working?
When not working, spending time with my friends is what I am happiest doing. I make sure to stay in contact with friends from Elmwood in addition to spending time with my friends at the University of Ottawa. Having amazing and loyal friends is part of what makes my university experience at the University of Ottawa so amazing and I am happiest when I am spending time with them!