The IB Diploma Programme is regarded as one of the most challenging and rigorous academic programs in the world, and we were thrilled to see some of the best results ever as a school when IB scores were published worldwide in early July. IB examinations are externally evaluated by educators from around the world, and our results reflect the academic rigour of our program and the effort and talent of our students.

This was a challenging year to be an IB student, but regardless, in the end, the Class of 2021 saw 11 IB Diploma students and 10 IB certificate students. The average score of 37 per diploma student compares very favourably with the international average of 33. Four of the IB diploma students received a score of 40+, an extraordinary achievement putting them in the ranks of the best students globally. Sabrina Fan '21, Elmwood’s Overall Academic Award Winner and the recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Award, received a score of 44. This is the highest point total the school has seen and is truly remarkable.

The average score per course at 5.7 (out of a total of 7) far exceeds the world average and translates to an Ontario percentage of about 92%. Students who received a perfect 7 in their courses (of which there were six, several of whom received multiple 7’s) achieved the equivalent of an Ontario score of 100% in those courses. 

In reflecting on the school year, Elmwood’s IB Diploma Coordinator Jason Levesque says, “It cannot be overstated how difficult it was for these students as there was no way to know whether exams would run. For them to have maintained focus throughout the process, including their entire IB experience being subverted by the pandemic, is astonishing. Coupling this with the best results the school has seen in a long time says a lot about our students’ passion for learning and Elmwood’s ability to maintain excellence in the face of changing circumstances.”

Despite individual, subject, or school scores, we are most proud of the commitment and pursuit of academic excellence that all of our girls displayed. This is especially impressive considering the challenges of this academic year. The students have done themselves and their school proud.