Parent Satisfaction Survey 2020- Results Highlights

The second annual Elmwood Parent Satisfaction Survey was deployed in December and provides interesting information about the community’s feelings on a wide range of topics, including subject areas, programs, communications, and services. The following offers a summary of highlights*.

  • In one of the first questions on the survey, parents are asked to describe the school in three words. Analysis of the top responses shows that while the core values of “Community”, “Caring,” “Supportive” and “Academic” are consistent year-over-year, in 2020, words like ”Safe”, “Professional”, “Challenging” and “Engaging” are cited with greater frequency.
  • Parents reported “Overall Satisfaction” and Likelihood to Recommend” scores of 89% and 90%, respectively, both showing increases over 2019 scores.
  • Parent satisfaction in the areas of “Small Class Sizes”, Quality of Teachers,” and “Technology and Computer Skills Development” showed significant increases of 18%, 19%, and 31%, respectively.
  • Parents reported that girls were being especially well prepared in the areas of “Writing”, Public Speaking”, Studying/Self-Management,” “Using Technology Responsibly,” and “Balancing Workload,” which all posted double-digit increases over 2019.
  • In terms of how their daughters are being supported, parents were particularly satisfied in the areas of “Being open-minded,” “Being creative and innovative,” and “Empathizing with others”.  “Supported services for learning differences” and “Individual psychological or social counselling” saw increases of 21% and 16%, respectively.
  • The survey also illuminated some areas of development.  While parents expressed a high degree of satisfaction with communications generally– with 80% saying they were “Very Satisfied”– streamlining communications and consolidating channels was identified as an opportunity.  Expect more news on this as we worked to develop a refined strategy to address this.
  • While acknowledging it as a necessary implication of enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols, parents expressed disappointment in their daughter’s ability to engage fully in the arts and co-curriculars. This feedback has already informed our Term 2 Co-Curricular offering, and we continue to explore innovative ways for the girls to participate in drama, music, arts, and athletics.

The Parent Satisfaction Survey continues to be a very important tool for the school in our process of continuous improvement, helping shape strategy and areas of focus.  We are grateful to the families that participated.

*Results are based on 231 responses. Survey participation was approximately proportionate to the school population with no single division over-or under-represented.