Learning to Lead


Ask girls how they feel about leadership and 92 percent of them will tell you they believe that anyone can acquire the skills to lead.  Yet according to the “Change It Up!” report from the Girl Scout Research Institute, only 21 percent believe they have what it takes. Elmwood students have developed a conference for middle school girls aimed at changing that.

The Lead Like a Girl Leadership Conference is a completely student-driven initiative with students from Grades 9-12 planning and executing the event, from theme development,  conference design and budget management to promotion, logistics and media relations.

The second annual conference, March 27th, will be focused on "Environmental Sustainability and Consciousness" with a goal of inspiring initiatives and providing girls with the leadership skills to become agents of change in their own communities. Autumn Peltier – the 15-year old Canadian Indigenous water activist– will be the keynote speaker. Autumn has spent years advocating for water protection in First Nations communities and around the world, most recently at the World Economic Forum in Davis Switzerland in January.