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Junior School Musicals

Our Junior School students took centre stage this past month, performing a series of musical productions for their parents and peers. Up first was the Grade 1/2 production of Stone Soup on April 17th. Our young students shone in their rendition of this classic tale, which highlights the importance of sharing and helping others. Next, we were treated to the Grade 3 production of Rats! on May 7th. Based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning, Rats! offered up a modern twist on an old favourite. Our Grade 4 class closed out the season on May 23rd with their show, Shake It Up with Shakespeare! This musical provides an introduction to one of English literature’s most famous writers, introducing students and audiences alike to five well known Shakespeare plays. Thank you to our music teacher, Ms. Evelyn Pike, for directing each of these productions, and to Ms. Alli MacDougall for assisting with the choreography.