Head Girl: Sarah Allam

This past summer was one where Sarah Allam simply could not wait to get back into the halls of Elmwood for her final Grade 12 year. Not just because she hasn’t walked the halls since March, but also because the next time she sets foot inside the school it will be as Head Girl for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Sarah Allam is no stranger to the ins and outs of Elmwood. She came to Elmwood for her Grade 4 year and she’s had the chance to make many friends and memories throughout her time here. She’s ambitious and keen to bring about change with her position as Head Girl. She sees the role of Head Girl as one where she can make the biggest impact in the school community. She wants to connect with students across the school and really energize the student body with school pride and school spirit. 

Sarah (center) with her classmates. 

Anyone that knows Sarah will tell you that she’s not one to shy away from a public speaking engagement. She co-hosted the annual Elmwood Reads competition this spring in our weekly virtual assemblies - the competition she won last year in the Senior School category. She is a founding member of the Reconciliation Club at Elmwood that focuses on creating understanding of Indigenous issues within the school community. She’s an active participant in numerous aspects of student life at Elmwood from sports teams (rowing, rugby, and basketball), as well as House Council and Student Ambassador Council. Outside of school she keeps busy with her job as a camp counselor at the Carleton Ravens Sports camps during the summer months.

Sarah had set her sights on a prefect position earlier in the year and worked hard to make sure her idea became a reality. While everyone was stuck at home in the early spring, Sarah gave herself the challenge to make amusing videos to share with the Elmwood community. Her little sister Emma was an eager participant in the videos that featured the two of them baking, creating make-up tutorials, and planting seeds early in the spring. Sarah’s willingness to put herself out there in different scenarios as well as all of her involvement in student life at Elmwood surely helped her secure the position of Head Girl.

Sarah is a clever girl with a leadership style that is one part visionary, one part collaboration, and one part laughter. She is a natural joke-teller and wants to keep people smiling - she feels that jokes are part of how she connects with people. She considers her leadership style to be open-ended and is always willing to ask others for their opinions. She has many ideas for the upcoming year, but she also wants to know how she can help all the other prefects with their own plans for the year. 

It goes without saying this year will be different in many respects, but the collaboration and team spirit involved in organizing Elmwood events will remain the same. Sarah and the prefect team are looking forward to ensuring that they can create meaningful experiences for students that can leverage what is being done in the community, wherever possible within public health guidelines. They want to keep the Elmwood community engaged with events happening in the city, as well as those spearheaded by the school.

When asked what she would like her legacy to be at the end of the year, she says that she would like to be known as “the one that made a change.” She knows that Elmwood is an amazing school and she wants to share that pride she feels for her school with as many people as possible. In addition, she’d “like to champion all the amazing girls in the school” and show students how powerful they can be as a group working towards communal goals. It sounds like she has her mind made up that this year will be purposeful and changemaking, despite the obstacles that may pop up. There’s no doubt that this Head Girl can handle - and overcome - the challenges that this year may bring.