Celebrating An Elmwood First

2020 marks Elmwood School's 105th anniversary of delivering exceptional educational opportunities to generations of young women. As we celebrate the amazing achievements of this school year, especially under such challenging circumstances, we have a particular Elmwood first to acknowledge. This year, Elmwood has its first graduating student directly entering Oxford University for undergraduate studies*, Alexis Patrascu. She will begin studying archaeology there in September.

Alexis began her studies at Elmwood in Grade 9 and explained during her first Latin class that she was going to be an archaeologist, a dream which she had nurtured for some time already. Over the next four years, she worked with determined focus in order to make this happen. Alongside her academic studies, Alexis began learning the techniques of archaeology by participating in Elmwood's Classics Club and Ontario Student Classics Conference team. This required considerable commitment of time on her part, attending club meetings each week to work on amazing projects. As a leader of the archaeology team during this time, she researched real archaeological sites, replicating accurate and authentic artefacts from them, and writing complex and detailed reports about how these artefacts were centrally important. Then, at the conference, she coordinated our group in the excavation competition, whose judges included professional Classical archaeologists who excavate sites throughout Greece and Italy. Elmwood's archaeology team received top recognition each year at the conference, achieving two first-place finishes! During her summers, Alexis also undertook to participate in real excavations in Romania where she could apply and enhance her skills while exploring actual ancient sites connected to her family's heritage. She did all of this while also working to complete the requirements of the full International Baccalaureate Programme, and her exceptional course work resulted in her being recognized as this year's Governor General's
Award recipient.

Alexis (far right) holding the Kett Archaeology trophy at OSCC 2019, along with the other proud members of Elmwood's team.

Alexis' love of the Classical world, its artefacts and the Latin language has been a paramount force behind her studies at Elmwood, and she takes this background forward as she prepares to begin her undergraduate work at Oxford in the fall. She is excited to undertake an exploration of anthropology alongside archaeology and all of the related coursework the programme entails. She will also have opportunities for actual fieldwork next year (when
conditions permit), continuing her love of real excavation as a means of learning about the past through the physical remains left behind.

Elmwood is incredibly proud of her achievements, as we are proud of all of our graduating students! We wish her well as she embarks on this wonderful adventure at Oxford University, going forward into an exciting and rewarding new future by exploring and appreciating the legacy of the past!