Ginger Bertrand

Ginger Bertrand ’02

Post-graduate Certificate, Public Relations, Humber College
BA, Film & Media Studies, Queen’s University
IB Certificate, Economics, Elmwood School

Ginger started at Elmwood in Grade 12, and graduated in the class of 2002. She is currently the publicist for Food Network Canada, where she works in talent management, organizes media tours across Canada, secures promotional interviews and manages viewer relations. She recently launched Food Network’s Chopped Canada and the fourth season of the top series, Top Chef Canada.

We recently connected with Ginger to look back on her experiences as an Elmwood girl.

What extra-curricular activities were you involved in?

I was involved with an assortment of fun activities at Elmwood, including Classics Club, Theatre, Robotics, Rugby, and Grad Committee. I was also the recipient of the Judy and Margot Toller Memorial Award at the end of Grade 12 for representing Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving at the school level. We held a school-wide “Zero Hero” campaign in my graduating year, and we actually won an award for best national day across Canada—that was exciting. Of course, we couldn’t have done that without all of our amazing grads, who all took on a role that day!

Outside of Elmwood, I danced competitively and taught adult tap dancing.

Which teachers had the biggest impact on you?

I have so much respect for the teachers at Elmwood, it’s hard to identify who made the biggest impact. They all had the same goal: to motivate us to reach our fullest potential. I am certainly reaping the rewards of their guidance to this day. If I had to name a few, Mrs. Boychuck, Miss Ellison, Mrs. Marchand and Mrs. Rossiter were probably my biggest supporters, and I really felt that.

How did Elmwood affect your university path?

What I thought I would do when I graduated and what I ended up doing are two significantly different things. But what Elmwood did was remind me that with hard work and dedication, I could do whatever I wanted. And here I am.

If you could meet anyone in the world, from any point in history or today, who would it be and why?

I’d love to meet Ginger Rogers. She danced everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards—that’s hard! I’d want to tell her, “You go girl!”

Do you have any advice for today’s Elmwood students?

Stay positive and embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Now is the time to try new things and really figure out what you like and don’t like. It’ll only help you in the future when time management becomes of the essence in university and in your careers.

If you could pick a single word or expression to sum up your feelings about Elmwood in general, what would it be?

Encouraging and supportive.

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