Technology Program

The use of technology at Elmwood is primarily for constructive educational use. All students at Elmwood are a part of an outstanding group of learners. We are placing our trust in you to use all technology with great care and respect. This respect will be reflected in how you take care of all equipment and how you interact with others through email and other virtual environments.  The following guidelines outline some specific expectations:

  • Keep your passwords private – never share your email or any other account under any circumstances. Granting another person access to your account at the school is not allowed. 
  • Do not use anyone else’s username or password. 
  • Make economical use of limited resources such as printing and be mindful of the environmental impact of wasting paper.
  • Do not view, send or display inappropriate or unsafe content, messages, pictures or video. 
  • Notify a member of the school faculty immediately if, by accident, you encounter materials, which violate the rules of appropriate use.
  • Students should be aware that they do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to the contents of their laptop, iPad, email, Schoology or the data accessed through the school network. Data accessed from the internet through the school network is logged by our firewall.  That log is monitored occasionally in the course of ongoing maintenance of our connection to the internet and in response to specific concerns.
  • Food and drink are not allowed near the computers, with the exception of capped water bottles.
  • Use of a MacBook or iPad in class is encouraged, but there will also be times when it is not best for certain lessons. The teacher of any given class has the final say regarding when devices are to be used and when they are to be set aside.
  • MacBooks play an important part in learning at Elmwood. You are expected to bring them with you to school each day, and they must be 100% charged each morning.
  • MacBooks should be kept in a case, bag or protective shell.
  • All users of software acquired by Elmwood School must abide by the terms of their License Agreements.
  • Return your MacBook or iPad to the IT department when requested for re-imaging.
  • Notify the IT department immediately in the event of damage or theft of a MacBook or iPad.
  • Insurance does not cover intentional user damage, careless damage, torn chargers or worn batteries.
  • The use of social media in classrooms is up to the discretion of your teacher but should only be for educational purposes or legitimate quick communication needs. 
  • Using any social media in a disrespectful way is not allowed. 

The consequences for those who fail to live up to these expectations will be determined by the school administration. The signing of the enrollment contract authorizes the use of the School technology and the Appropriate Use Policy acceptance.

Middle/Senior School Technology Program

Students in Grades 6 – 12 are part of the Elmwood Senior School Technology program that integrates technology and the curriculum through the use of computers.
Following are the terms and conditions agreed to by Elmwood students and their parents:
During the day, the laptop will be kept with the student or secured in a locker.
During the evenings or weekends, the laptop will be taken home.
Take care of the laptop, carrying it in a way  to avoid damage, storing it safely and using it in appropriate conditions. 
Notify the School immediately in the event of damage to the laptop.
Notify the police and the School immediately in the event of theft of the laptop. 
Return the laptop to the School when requested by the IT department for maintenance and upgrades.
If renting or borrowing a MacBook from Elmwood, return the laptop to the IT department when the student is no longer enrolled at Elmwood (generally the last school day).

The use of the laptop can be reassessed if the student does not comply with the above expected behaviour.  Please be aware that the insurance provider can deem damage to a laptop as “user abuse” and not cover the cost of repair. A deductible can be charged by the insurer in cases where they feel damage was caused by a user not being careful.